“Arithmetic over illusion”: President Clinton debunks Romney’s tax plan

imageIn the first debate, and in the days since, Mitt Romney has tried to convince the American people he’s someone other than the "severely conservative" candidate who has spent the past six years running for president on dangerous ideas that would hurt the middle class, women, and seniors.

It would be a mistake to label this as flip-flopping. This is a deliberate attempt to hide and even misrepresent the real positions he’s held loudly and unabashedly during this entire race — a last-minute effort to "make the sale" just like he did in the boardroom to close a deal.

At the debate tonight, Romney has a choice: be honest about the positions he has set out during the six years he has been running for president, or take the same tack as he did at the first debate and pretend like they never existed.

The most blatant example of Romney doing this at the last debate was when he claimed that he didn’t have a $5 trillion tax plan that he couldn’t pay for, and that he wouldn’t cut taxes for those at the top at the expense of the middle class. That’s just not how Romney’s tax plan would work, as President Bill Clinton explains in this video. Watch it, and share it with others so they have the facts about Romney’s tax plan:

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Romney’s been peddling a few other myths lately that we expect him to hit on tonight. So we put together some content to set the record straight — take a look, and share with others.
On jobs
Mitt Romney may bring up his five-point jobs plan at tonight’s debate, but his math doesn’t add up — the very studies Romney cites disprove his own claims. This morning, the Washington Post published a fact-check debunking Romney’s dishonest claim that he’ll create 12 million jobs. Read more about it here, and be sure to share it with your friends.

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On Medicare
Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan have a plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system — and they say that shouldn’t worry anyone. But a nonpartisan report released yesterday shows that if Romney’s plan had been in place this year for today’s seniors, nearly 60 percent would have had to pay more to get the same coverage that they enjoy today. Read this post about the facts on Medicare, and pass it along:

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On Massachusetts
Romney likes to brag that he balanced the budget in Massachusetts without raising taxes. But as governor, he created or raised more than 1,000 taxes and fees, including ones on nurses, barbers, electricians, and more. Romney talks a lot about his bipartisan record as governor, but both Massachusetts Democrats and Republicans agree that Romney was an ineffective leader. Check out this graphic about how Romney’s fees cost middle-class Bay Staters millions, and share it with others:

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On China
Romney likes to talk tough on China — but he stands to profit from Chinese companies that use the same unfair trade practices he says that he’d combat as president. Take a look at this map of Mitt Romney’s investments in China, then share it with your friends and family so they can get the facts:

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