Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement (2012-10-20)

This is week 44 and counting. We had a very uneventful Occupy Kingwood this week. We discussed the debate and as usual talked about solving the countries problems.

We had many people giving us the thumbs up than usual. We had a teacher stop by and said she saw us often and finally got the courage to come and ask us a few questions. We engaged her and encouraged her to speak up on issues especially because as a teacher she is much more influential than she realizes. I could see her light up in her eyes as she realized that in her own way she could make a difference.

We are at the corner of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Boulevard every Saturday between 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. Please come talk to us and have a doughnut on us.

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