March 27, 2015

Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies–Fiscal Cliff-What To Do? Sat 12–2PM Central

Egberto Willies Politics Done Right At Coffee Party

Click to listen to PODCAST Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies Saturday 12:00 Noon Central/1:00 PM Eastern   Call In, talk and/or Listen: (646) 929-2495 President Obama and John Boehner are at an impasse on the Fiscal Cliff negotiations. It seems like congressional Republicans are in the mood to defy Americans one more time. While it is true that Republicans retained the house, it should be noted that they lost 8 seats and the popular vote. In other words, inasmuch as there are 33 more Republicans in the House than Democrats, more people actually voted for Democrats. Absent gerrymandering, the house would have switched. The Senate became more Democratic as well. This was a decidedly left of center election throughout the country with several states legalizing marijuana and either supporting same sex marriage or defeating attempts to make it illegal. One would think that John … [Read more...]

Women, Middle Class, Minorities, & Young Ensures Clueless GOP Minority Status till an Awakening


Bill Bennett wrote an article on LifeNews.com titled “Republicans Must Win the Culture War to Regain Presidency”. It continues to amaze that leaders of the Republican Party can remain as clueless as they are. That Mr. Bennett is a past secretary of education makes it even more disconcerting, because his article shows a lack of ability to objectively process fact based information, which puts his competence in question. Mr. Bennett says that the coalition President Obama put together to win the election amounted to identity politics. He is correct on that point. The identities comprising the coalition were those aggrieved, ignored, and materially harmed by the policies of the Republican Party. Republicans winning the popular vote just once in the last five elections should have given them pause several cycles ago, if there was really concern for the entire country as opposed to a particular few. Most of the Right Wing within the Republican Party continues to promote the idea that President Obama’s supporters … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart Funny Take on President Obama’s Whitehouse Lunch Date With Mitt Romney (VIDEO)


It is tough to lose an election. One can only hope Mitt Romney is not a fan of Jon Stewart because this one is sure to hurt his feelings. We do not want his feelings hurt any further given what his wife though about his mental well-being when she slipped up and told the truth during the election.. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart Gets ‘Legends of The Fault’ McCain & Graham Attack On Susan Rice Just Right (VIDEO)


I must admit, I was waiting for Jon Stewart to come out with his “analysis” on Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham attacks on Susan Rice. Satirists have been doing a much more sensible and fact based analysis on issues than our mainstream media. In this short video Stewart hits all the points that should be used to discredit the attacks on Susan Rice based on the incorrect information she gave on the five news shows.He implied that while Rice’s error was actually not her own but that of the organizational talking points, the lead up to the Iraq war that murdered thousands of Americans and Iraqis, was an utter display of either ineptitude or outright malice. It is hard to understand why McCain and Lindsey are so committed to the attacks on Rice and the attempt to scuttle her yet unannounced candidacy for Secretary of State. I was a guest on HuffPost Live a couple of days ago and this question arose. Were the attacks racial? I really did not think at the time it was. Was it some sort of attempt to get the … [Read more...]

Annabel Park: The Real Culprits of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict–Social Media In Action


I was browsing Huffington Post and just happen to come across Annabel Park’s most recent blog post “The Real Culprits of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”. Annabel Park is the co-Founder of Coffee Party USA. Included in her blog is a video with a young man who seems to be knowledgeable of the genesis of the conflict in the region. I decided to cross blog Annabel’s post not because of my personal detailed knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but because of what she did as a private citizen. She decided to engage directly with people in the region. She used our modern social networking tools to form people to people contacts. She established relationships. Why is this important? Governments that are enemies today are friends tomorrow. Citizens are misled to hate, fight, shed blood, and die as many in control of governments play the citizenry like puppets. As people engage one on one, one on many, and many on one within towns, states, and countries, the likelihood of conflict will eventually diminish … [Read more...]

Right Wing Bill O’Reilly Fan Converted–GOP & Fox News Lies Will Succumb To Truth (VIDEO)


Progressives tend to get extremely disheartened by many Americans’ acceptance of the misinformation and lies that are now a staple of the Right Wing of the GOP and Fox News. They wonder if America is just too gullible to be a democracy. After-all, why do they continue to vote against their own interest? Those that are running from the non-existent nanny state just may need one. Is it not true they want the state in a woman’s womb? Is it not true they want the state to dictate what goes on in your bedroom? Is it not true they want the state to decide what you can watch on TV, listen to on the radio, or watch at the movies? Is it not true they want the state to tell you who you can marry? Is it not true they want the state to provide Social Security and Medicare? One could go on and on. How can these people be so confused? Marketing. The Right Wing in the past could run rings around progressives in marketing. In the book The Political Brain by Drew Westen, he explains that the Right Wing has been able to … [Read more...]

What Fiscal Cliff? Middle Class Engage Now Or Be Fiscally Enslaved Later


A few days ago I wrote the piece “I Am A Tough Man But This Made Me Cry And Resolved To Continue Fighting This Class Warfare”. It received several thousand hits on my site. I sometimes use my site and Facebook Page as a gauge before cross posting to other sites to see community reaction or if I missed something. Many times I am humbled by critical eyes that invariably make a better piece or at least a better next piece. I crossed posted the above piece to the Main Facebook Page of Coffee Party USA, to DailyKOS, and to Addicting Info, a wonderful site where I am now contributing articles. A contributor/reader at Addicting Info sent me a long email that really gave me pause. He recounted a story about government sanctioned outsource/offshoring as well as another union story. He did something about each issue. He acted. Most importantly he said. Likewise, in addressing these wrongs you highlight in your 'I Am A Tough Man But This Made Me Cry And Resolved To Continue Fighting This Class Warfare,' and my own … [Read more...]

Grover Norquist Growing Tax Pledge Irrelevance A Win For Responsible Government


Is Grover Norquist losing his grip on the Republican Party? Watching him on the different television networks would lead one to that conclusion. If you have to explain why you are still powerful or relevant then you are neither powerful nor relevant. Grover Norquist is the founder of Americans for Tax Reform that he claims was at the request of President Reagan. The organization coerces Republican candidates to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in which they promise to oppose all tax increases. It seems that many of the Republicans that signed the pledge are starting to realize that their “anti-tax increase” position is neither rational nor sustainable. The following statements from several prominent Republican politicians were reported in an AP story on Huffington Post. Sen. Jeff Sessions (AL) - "Oh, I signed it," . - . "But we've got to deal with the crisis we face. We've got to deal with the political reality of the president's victory." Sen. Bob Corker (TN) - says the only … [Read more...]

Guested on HuffPost Live Discussing Krugman’s Take On GOP Tax Hike & Susan Rice Maltreatment


Today’s HuffPost Live discussed four issues. Three were serious and one was off the cuff. We talked about the GOP Tax increase on the semi rich in order to protect further increases on the mega rich. He discussed it in the the article Paul Krugman: Republicans Seem Ready To Throw Upper Middle Class 'Overboard'. The second topic was about the abuse that UN Ambassador Susan Rice is taking from Lindsay Graham and John McCain. It was discussed in the article GOP Senators: Susan Rice Meeting Left Us 'More Disturbed' Than Before. Ashley Payne had some excellent points in defense of Susan Rice competence. The next topic was confidential shredded information that was found at the New York Thanks giving parade. Mitt Romney’s information and other personal information was found in the scraps. It was discussed in the article Police probe how Romney security data became NYC parade confetti. The fourth story we discussed was Ben Savage Joins 'Girl Meets World' Alongside Danielle Fishel. Hosted by: Ahmed Shihab-Eldin … [Read more...]

Fox News Insensitive Statements On Wal-Mart Factory Fire Shows Laissez Faire Capitalism In Action


A massive fire in the Tazreen Fashions Ltd. garment factory in Bangladesh killed at least 112 people. It turns out this factory sewed merchandise for several American companies. Walmart was one of these customers. According to Walmart, the factory was no longer authorized to produce merchandise but said the supplier subcontracted the work in violation of their policies. According to the AP The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association said it would stand by the victims' families and offered $1,250 to each of the families of the dead. These workers were paid as little as $43.00 (3,500 BDT) a month since the recent institution of a new minimum wage law. The above are the facts as we know them and as we are told. Everything else is either spin or knowledgeable inference. The spin from Fox News’ Charles Payne is that this would not happen again. He implies that the complaints against Walmart and the customers of this factory are an affront or attack on capitalism. He says that while it is a … [Read more...]