Middle Class Compete w/Super PACs? HELL NO. Money Used To Purchase Our Government Obscene #InvoicetheSuperPac

imageIt is sad that what used to be the bastion of democracy is no more. I decided to see exactly what kind of monies went into the 2012 election and decided to visit OpenSecrets.org to check what each Super PAC gave throughout the election. I must admit, I knew there was a lot of money involved. Watching the different groups that were just throwing money at the election made me not only sick, but resolved to do something about it even more so than I already was.

While Conservative PACs seemed to have the larger volume of dollars mostly from a few billionaires, Liberal groups are culprits in this matter as well. What is fact is that neither is serving us well as the monies involved are all for corporate interest disguised as free speech.

It is time that we stop feeling ourselves the victims of this obscene attack and start effecting change, not by a continuum of talk, but action. Over the next several weeks, Coffee Party USA and other groups that will be mentioned in other posts will be effecting actions for change.

Please review the volume of dollars those attempting to purchase our government are spending here. Tell me what you think and let me know if you will be joining us to take action.

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