Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement (2012-11-03)

This is our 46th week of Occupy Kingwood. It is the week before the election and some folks are a bit nervous, some do not care, and some think it really does not matter who gets elected. I personally believe it does matter for inasmuch as both parties are corporate control, one party’s policies are in fact much better for the middle class than the other. That said some believe that it is only when a third party exerts enough pressure that we will get effective change. I have bought into that idea though I am not willing to have a person elected that will destroy the country while we find a method to force all parties to listen to the masses.

We have a mosaic of intersecting views. We discuss, learn from each other and support each other. We compromise for the better society. This is a great group that will be moving on to more complex political endeavors we will be discussing in the very near future.

We are at the corner of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Boulevard every Saturday between 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. Please come talk to us and have a doughnut on us.

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