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imageJohn Schnatter,the pompous, intellect limited, immoral Obamacare fear monger now says he was misunderstood. Is that statement too civil to describe the harm that someone with a bullhorn being listened to by many could have had on the election and with that the health well-being of millions of Americans? I absolutely do not believe it is.

If you have a clear and present danger to the well being of a nation, it must be called out in no uncertain terms. All must be done to annihilate it promptly. It is because many times we refuse to call a spade a spade that we allow evil to metastasize till it is too late to resolve easily.

The healthcare law would have been a much better law if instead of playing nice for a compromise that was never going to come; we had called out every lie & misinformation and immediately accused the perpetrators of the lies as being irresponsible for knowingly deceiving a large percentage of America. Silence and false civility is just as bad as the perpetration of the evil itself.

Schnatter now states the following in an op-ed he wrote for the Liberal Huffington Post titled “The Real Scoop on Papa John’s and Obamacare”.

Reading what has been written about statements I made on the effect of the Affordable Care Act on our franchisees reminds me of a quote from Lewis H. Lapham, former editor of Harper’s magazine: "People may expect too much of journalism. Not only do they expect it to be entertaining, they expect it to be true."

Many in the media reported that I said Papa John’s is going to close stores and cut jobs because of Obamacare. I never said that.

The problem with many of these misinforming haters is that they act as if they live in a society without YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and pocket & concealed video recorders. His op-ed is just a plea to prevent damage to his brand and boycotts.

It is estimated that the cost of Obamacare to Papa John’s would be at most 14 cents a pizza. Is that really too much to ask to ensure he has a workforce that will have healthcare if they are burned on the job, injured in an accident while delivering pizza, or some other eventuality?

The level of selfishness of these corporate moguls is astounding but understandable. After-all, large parts of institutions that are supposed to display, adopt, and enact the morals of Jesus Christ have adopted and preached their ideology. It is sad that our new Pharisees have become the mainstream Evangelical, Baptists, and other churches.

For some time now what has allowed me sanity and prevented me from a visceral hate towards many that claim Christianity even as their values have been severely lacking, is the notion that they are being misled by religious authorities that usually are not questioned. If there is a hell, that is where many of the leaders of these churches will reside because they have knowingly put the social, health, and financial well-being of their flock at risk.

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    Pompous Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter Obamacare Hate Misunderstood-NOT – Money Talks – EgbertoWillies.com

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    Pompous Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter Obamacare Hate Misunderstood-NOT – Money Talks – EgbertoWillies.com