GOP Tom Davis Labels Changing Electorate ‘Underclass Pulled Out Of Apartments’

imageThere is a narrative growing in the Republican Party that somehow the votes that President Obama got is not worthy. Mitt Romney claimed that the President won by giving gifts to different constituencies.

Former Virginia Congressman Tom Davis in his interview with Chis Matthews on MSNBC showed the GOP’s core beliefs in no uncertain terms. Watch it below. It is stunning. What is more stunning is that he does not realize that he is saying that some voters are really not worthy by inference.

This should not surprise anyone. Most people that live their lives attacking are doing nothing more than projecting. In other words they are applying a reflection of themselves on those they are attacking.

Those that believe they are entitled are not the underclass? If they did, they would vote or vote more often. Many do not vote because they think they do not matter. That is hardly a spirit of entitlement. In fact it is a spirit of unworthiness that the Obama campaign from its inception has worked meticulously to address. “Yes We Can” was his call to all.

Republicans however show a certain type of arrogance to governance. They act as if the president’s mandate is suspect. They act as if irrespective of what the masses have elected the president to do; that their own policies are what matters or should be effected.

Good for the President that empowering the masses took hold in the 2012 election. Those in the “underclass pulled out of the apartments” came out, voted, and in doing so proved their worth. They showed that while they had little, their one vote changed the potential direction the country would have taken if Mitt Romney was elected. In effect they saved the middle class.

It is imperative that as the Republican Party attempts to marginalize and silence these new voters from further participation in the electoral process using Jim Crow tactics, the Liberal Base and the President continue to do the necessary work that will be required to ensure they remain engaged and relevant. This can only be done by ensuring policies are effected that all can visibly see moving every demographic forward.

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