Jon Stewart Gets Of The Absurdity Of Republicans Voting Against UN Disability Treaty (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart is hoping we have reached the ROCK BOTTOM of Republican irrationality with this last act of abject stupidity if not immorality. Republicans voted down the United Nations’ Disabilities Treaty. 155 nations around the world so far have ratified it.

The intent of the United Nations’ Disabilities Treaty, which is modeled after our own Americans with Disabilities Act, is to provide similar rights to the disabled throughout the world.

You know that a party has gone off the rails when they still vote it down eve as one of their stalwarts, Republican Bob Dole, in a wheelchair, is in the chamber to show support for the treaty. You know a party has gone off the rails when it caters to an alternate state of reality as the speeches on the floor clearly illustrated.

What is interesting is that while Republicans object to the treaty on the grounds that the United Nations could influence home school children by enforcing items within the treaty, they also state as grounds for voting against it that the treaty is unenforceable. In other words they cannot exert police influence and as such affect any US citizen. Does that not make their previous argument moot?

None of the above does matter. The New Right Wing Tea Party serving GOP does not need logic when voting against either our president or policies in the best interest of the common man.

There is likely a more sinister motive behind this. Inasmuch as the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 passed with large majorities including majority of Republicans, it is not the type of treaty that they are predisposed to not like; it ranks of regulations. In protecting an overseas slave labor market place for outsourcers, this could put a kink in the chain.

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