July 29, 2014

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Exposes The Untenable Position Of Gun Advocate John Lott


Soledad O’Brien continues her journalistic excellence in her interview of gun advocate John Lott. She was able to illustrate that many on the Right irrespective of results of their policies will continue to stick to an ideology. They will create excuses and expound misinformation. That is a grave danger to our society.

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  1. He had a brain tumor when he was a child and that is what the scars are from. in the meantime Soledad O’Brian made no case. all she did was to talk over him and not allow him to explain his position.

  2. John Lott, America’s most infamous lying lousy statistician, was full of BS. The Columbine Shooting had armed security on campus. So did many other shootings with three or more victims. Armed security didn’t stop the shooters, who knew they would be present before they choose them.


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