March 6, 2015

An Encounter With The Jesus Guy Near Tampa Florida (VIDEO)

While at a Move To Amend planning retreat at the Bethany Center near Tampa Florida (Lutz, FL), I saw “Jesus” coming out of a van. This man was wearing a white robe and was walking without any shoes on.

While reading my email on my Xoom pad on the porch of the resort taking a coffee break, he happened to pass right by and we started talking. He told me his name was James Joseph. He said he has been walking around the world with his robe on, barefoot, and with a bible in his hand for 20 consecutive years.

When I asked him how he is able to survive, he said that Jesus lived with no money and depended on the generosity of others. Mr. Joseph said that he was featured by Times and other publications. There was a documentary made about him called “The Jesus Guy”.

James was very politically savvy. He understood that this was a retreat with the goal of developing strategies to make our Democracy a real Democracy. He insinuated in his realm it was of no interest to him. Is that the apathy that our society as a whole is experiencing?

After talking to him from some time I decided to interview him as I found him quite intriguing. He was more than happy to be interviewed on camera.

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