Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement (2012-12-22)

Today was our next to last Occupy Kingwood. On Saturday December 29th, between 9:00AM and 10:30AM we will have our last Occupy Kingwood at the corner of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Blvd. Please come and be a part of history.

We completed 52 consecutive weeks of occupying that corner peacefully. See our collection of videos of most weeks here.

We have always left that corner cleaner than we found it. We ensured that we were always respectful to all, including those that were rude or obnoxious to our presence. Our occupiers have included professors, doctors, lawyers, physicists, students, homemakers, engineers, business owners, and just about every profession one can imagine.

We have spoken to hundreds of our neighbors throughout the time we have been at that corner. Our sole intent is to share the message of what real democracy means and how to ensure we create a real democracy that works for every American. We have always had informational material. Moreover, the body of knowledge on history, government, and economics at that corner every week is astounding.

Today we had a wonderful time, if a bit heavy hearted as this portion of our democracy movement comes to an end. We all got a good chuckle when Mark Croes showed up with a Santa Claus cap and a sign that said “Santa Supports The 99%”.

While the weekly “Occupation” of the corner is coming to an end, our movement in the community will continue. We will be morphing into an official affiliate of “Move To Amend”, a grassroots building nonprofit organization that is working to amend the constitution to codify that money is not speech and that corporations are not people. This is a long term project that requires educating the citizenry on how these issues materially affect them and ensure that they are made aware that collectively every American has the ability to effect real change.

Please come out on Saturday December 29th at the corner of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Blvd. and be a part of the change our country needs. Please sign the Move To Amend petition here.

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