Egberto Willies On CNN On Irresponsible Politicians & Fiscal Cliff (VIDEO)

imageI did a CNN iReport a couple of days ago on the politicians and the fiscal cliff. It got picked up and played today on CNN. The video is below.

It can be proven that a strong middle class and equal access to the middle class created a vibrant economy. As such policies that support a strong middle class is essential for the country’s survival.

iReportIf one itemizes policies that are helpful to the middle class and policies that hurt them and said policies fall with a particular party, I believe the media would be derelict in its duty not to point that out. Just as a recent example, I posted this blog post that illustrated that. Is it a left or partisan post? NO. It is a factual post. Both parties, well, all parties would do their jobs if the population were informed and could really make an informed decision. That would force the politicians to stop acting like children and govern.

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