LocalHouston.com: Herman Garcia Interviews Egberto Willies of Move To Amend on Polar Effect Show

imageListen to the Podcast of the show HERE.

I was the guest on the show Polar Effect hosted by Herman Garcia discussing Move To Amend. We touched on many subjects.

Mr. Garcia is a manager at a major corporation as well as the manager of three bands in the Houston area. When he asked me how Move To Amend is going to get its message out I told him that he was an integral part by providing a venue to make his sphere of influence, the heavy metal domain, aware of a movement that every one in the country should be aware of.

2013-01-04_15-42-11_472Mr. Garcia who was also active in the Occupy Wall Street Movement is well aware of his civic duty. He has invited Move To Amend to appear on his program whenever the need arises.

CJ Heinemann co-hosted the show and provided quite a bit of insight into Americas body politic from her own eyes. She explained that she was very politically unaware until recently. Travelling the country and living in her car for 6 months gave her a new perspective on politics and the reasons why we must be engaged.

All in all it was a very satisfying experience spreading Move to Amend to a new sphere in our local community.

Please sign the Move To Amend Petition HERE and help us make a better country.

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