July 23, 2014

Boehner: Obama Wants To Annihilate The Republican Party (VIDEO)


On Tuesday Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner said President Obama’s Administration wants to annihilate the Republican Party. Specifically the speaker said:

We are expecting over the next twenty two months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the Republican Party. And let me just tell you, I do believe that is their goal; to just shove us into the dust bin of history.


It is the constitutional duty of the President to execute laws and to protect and secure the country. Over the years the Republican Party has become a clear and present danger to middle class America and as such the survival of America as we know it. Their policies which for the most part are still in effect have created an intractable wealth and income disparity. Ensuring that the Republican Party of today is non-existent, preferably replaced with a Conservative Party of real values, while different from the Progressive values most Americans want, is a good back stop for liberal excesses.

While the above statement might sound harsh or partisan, it is neither. If a party bases its economic and social principles on proven lies, and then build a complete supporting infrastructure to promote policies based on these lies (Fox News, The Heritage Foundation, the Laffer Curve), then they do not have the moral right to exist as a legitimate party in our country.

George HW Bush coined the name voodoo economics to describe the basic philosophy of Reagans economic policies when he was running against him in the 1980 primaries. Even David Stockman, Reagan’s budget directory and the prime pusher of Supply Side Economics (Voodoo Economics) Said his party, the Republican Party, destroyed the US economy. He also disparaged Paul Ryan’s budget.

While Vice-President George HW Bush played along for eight years over an economy inflated by excessive defense spending for hardware we did not need, and deficits from draconian tax cuts mostly for the wealthy, he redeemed himself by breaking his “no new taxes” pledge that started a time of fiscal responsibility. Of course President Clinton completed the task later with his tax increases that ultimately balanced the budget and created a robust economy.

The fact is that while the Republicans for years have been preaching fiscal responsibility, it is fact that under Democratic Presidents fiscal responsibility has been more prevalent. This was covered in detail in my book “As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom”.

One can only hope that the President will use the bully pulpit to finally fight the intransigent Republicans head on. The mainstream media has allowed the lies to seem plausible. This failure has allowed them to get much of their policies into effect. Over the years it has decimated the middle class. The new aim of their economic theories will surely complete the path of the middle class to indentured servitude.

Mr. President, how can I help annihilate the current Republican Party and leave the path for the emergence of a real Conservative Party? Use your bully pulpit to help the grassroots lead the way.

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  1. I think the biggest problem the GOP has is that they’ve dropped several important IQ points in the past several years. They draw painfully wrong conclusions about what “the people” want or intend after every election. They try to appease the folks who won’t budge from their positions and go along with the fantasy that those positions reflect integrity and principle when, in fact, they are knee jerk reactions that then alleviate them from the requirement to think or act. I used to be a Republican but the lost me when they decided to make anti-abortion a litmus test. They are paranoid because they are projecting their own behaviors onto the President. “It takes one to see one.”

    • You are so right. Many times attachment to a Party is a cultural thing no matter one’s ideology. That so many have been leaving the GOP as opposed to changing it shows that the party is even intolerant to many of its own members. It is great that our country has room for every one.

      • Susan, the knee jerk reactions are on the progressive side, as many here “feel” this and that should be, when reality and the results are the opposite. The 2010 census moved about 8 electoral points from heavy democrat states to heavy republican – 4 alone to Texas. The 2000 census did the same thing. People are fleeing the democrat states because of horrible progressive policies such as high taxes, heavy regulations, and few job prospects. The only way democrats can counter this, is to get as many people onto any kind of welfare or government roles as possible to get them dependent. That is the ultimate goal of democrats.

  2. Crybaby, your party deserves to be flushed in to the sewer of history; the dust bin is too good for you.

  3. No problem, let us look at history, when the Whig party could no longer function, some party members formed a new political party, it was called the”republicans” and Abe Lincoln was their first candidate for president. Perhaps the present Republican party should just cease and go to the dust bin!!!!

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