March 31, 2015

Experimental Cooking: Carrot Frittata


I started drinking a lot of carrot juice lately. I will blame this on my dear friend Patricia Ponton who gave me the best tasting carrot juice with milk I had to date.

2013-01-25_07-54-45_548Anyway, my wife Linda went to SamsClub yesterday to by some carrots to juice. When I juiced it it was super sweet and creamy. 2013-01-25_07-52-25_897Suffice it to say on her way back from tennis she u-turned it back to SamsClubs to get a couple more batches which I juiced this morning.

There is a ton of pulp left after juicing that actually taste pretty good. I just could not see throwing it all in the disposal so I put on my experimental cook hat on again and create a carrot frittata. OK, purists, I know the definition of a real frittata. Since I am the experimental cook, I will experimentally call it a carrot frittata. OK?

2013-01-25_07-55-59_404Anyway here is what I did.

I started by sautéing 1/4 onion in tablespoon of olive. I then added about a cup of the carrot pulp in the frying pan. After sautéing till caramelized, I added garlic powder, black pepper, and rosemary.

2013-01-25_07-58-27_647I then beat one egg and a 1/4 cup of Silk Coconut milk with some season salt, black pepper, and onion powder. I used this as a binder. I bunched the onion carrot mixture in the center of the frying pan and then poured the egg/coconut milk mixture over it.

After browning on one side I flipped it. After browning on the other side the mission was complete. My carrot frittata tasted much better than I expected. I imagine I had my day’s worth of fiber.

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