Republican Party: From Stupid Party To Election Stealing Party? America Won’t Have It (VIDEO)

The snippets of video from MSNBC below are telling. The Republicans know they are in trouble. The vast majority of the countries do not like much of what the Republicans in control stand for. Even cultural Republicans have all but given up. The only thing keeping them together with a modicum of homogeneity is their irrational hate for President Obama and what he represents, so far someone that has governed like a moderate Republican but, seem to be remembering that progress comes from those that aspire its namesake, Progressives, Liberals.

The RNC re-elected Reince Priebus as their chairman after a failure to win anything of substance in the 2012 election. It is interesting that Michael Steele was summarily dismissed after a rather successful 2010 election that brought this current intransigent regime to power. It makes one wonder out loud what all believed about the reasons for Steele’s initial ascendency. “We’ve done that. Now, pigmentation continues to trump merit.


Reince Priebus

We must compete in every state and every region, building relationships with communities we haven’t before. At the RNC we are dropping the Red and Blue state analysis. We must be the Party concerned about every American, and every neighborhood.

Really? The reality is that Michael Steele has been saying that for years and was ignored. The current Chairman followed a path to failure and further polarization, yet he gets his job back. Why would Americans believe there would be a real change by keeping the same leadership?

Inasmuch as he talks about outreach to earn the vote of diverse communities, many Republican Governors in states the President won are trying to rig the next election, not only with voter suppression schemes, but by changing the way the Electoral College is allocated. Under their plan, less than 47% of the popular vote could give them the presidency. How can a Party wrap themselves in a constitution even as they decimate the values within it, the expansions made to ensure it becomes more Democratic.

Governor Jindal

We must stop being the stupid Party. And I am serious. It is time for a new Republican Party that talks like adults. It is time for us to articulate our plans and our vision for America in real terms. It is no secret we had a lot of Republicans that damaged our brand with offensive and bizarre comments. I am here to say we had enough of that.

Governor Jindal misses an important point. There is a reason why the Party is considered the Stupid Party. It is necessary to disassociate facts in order to support policies that materially hurt one self, the middle class. One must make its voters ignorant on facts and reality if you would have them support policies that causes income and wealth inequality. One must stupefy its supporters to support policies that create systemic fractures in society that ensures success to a select few and the authority of the select few to determine who will be successful.

Middle Class Americans are suffering because our government policy is dictated by a plutocracy. The Middle Class is waking up and it is reflected in the polls.

This is not rocket science. As Americans become more informed, they will leave the current brand of Republicanism. Most will migrate as all polls are showing to a more Liberal or Progressive stance. Some will necessarily migrate to Conservatism which is necessary to prevent the excesses that normally comes with a lack of competing ideas.

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