Fox News Attempt At Credibility?– No More Dick Morris – C’est la vie Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Dick  Morris UnskewedPolls.comHow many more will they get rid of to atone to their audience? Dick Morris and many of his cohorts at Fox News kept lying to their audience even as most polls showed President Obama with a definitive lead. There is no doubt that they all knew who Nate Silver is and what his projections were, based not on one poll, but on many polls.

It was reported a couple of hours ago that Fox News will not renew Dick Morris’ contract. During the election Dick Morris was a fixture on Fox News providing the constant drumbeat of a Mitt Romney victory. He said Mitt Romney would win by a landslide over and over again.

In the video below Greta van Susteren gave Morris the opportunity to right himself. Instead he dug deeper. He said even as the polls had President Obama up, he read those same polls and came out with a different conclusion. He said the party percentages were wrong as well as the voter turnout model. It is not difficult to see why the Fox News viewers, viewers that have been polled and shown to be the least informed, were so gullible and taken. The bravado and surety with which he spoke was intoxicating.

Fox News had an orchestrated effort to deceive, including giving Dean Chambers of plausibility, even as it disagreed with Fox News’ own polls. They gave their audience hope where there was none.

Last week Fox News also dumped Sara Palin. They may believe that throwing two of their most well known charlatans would restore their credibility to their viewers. Unfortunately one of their most prolific mis-informers remains, Sean Hannity. A dismissal of Hannity will likely be the only action that would lead the more skeptic Fox News viewer to return with the expectation of some semblance of news.

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