Bill Maher Trumps Donald Trump’s Lawsuit With Birth Certificate Ridicule (VIDEO)

imageBill Maher strikes again. It turns out that Donald Trump is suing Bill Maher. He is suing for $5 million for an orangutan sex joke.

So why is this joke so offensive that it deserves a suit? Bill Maher said in jest that he would donate $5 million to a charity if Trump could prove he wasn’t the "the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan."

It was evident Bill Maher got the idea from Trump making the same offer for President Obama’s transcripts. Well lo and behold, Trump sent Bill Maher some sort of certificate of birth.

What is very amusing is that Bill Maher turned the table on Trump. Trump would not accept the short form certificate of birth from President Obama. To this day he continues to cast doubt on the President’s certificate’s authenticity.

Bill Maher is now casting doubt on the authenticity of Trump’s birth certificate since it was similar to the one he refused  to accept as authentic from the President. One would think that the vocal Trump would have his attorney provide documents that would prevent him from falling right into his own hilarious trap.

Aren’t Republicans always harping about frivolous lawsuits? The hypocrisy continues. Trump is using the taxpayer paid justice system to garner free publicity. He should be made to pay for the court’s inconvenience.

Donald Trump should be ashamed of this lawsuit. He should stay within the private domain and engage with Bill Maher. After all, if his billions are not just a figment of his imagination he should be able to afford to. Then again, a real wealthy guy would not be doing silly reality TV shows and engaging in childish demagoguery. It is hard to believe he was once in the lead during the Republican contentious primaries in 2012.

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