Marco Rubio’s Water Bottle Moment Shows Our Political Shallowness.


The media and body politic reaction to the above Marco Rubio’s water moment when giving the Republican rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s speech displays our shallowness. While many see it as gaffe, I see it as a plan. These events on both sides are very staged and Marco Rubio is a very intelligent man. Both he and his handlers, especially given the Bobby Jindal fiasco, know that every move would be watched, tweeted, blogged, and facebooked.

These guys know that these actions will be played up much more than the speech. The speech itself was advocating policies that America has already rejected. It was a speech for the small base of the GOP still listening. The Rubio team knows that absent the “bottle water drinking gaffe”, much more scrutiny would be given to the speech. All polls conducted on the president’s themes that were disparaged by Rubio polls much better than the middle class destructive policies supported by Rubio’s utterances.

The demise of our middle class is not a game. One cannot cower, pretend, or have a false sense of civility when dealing with an evil that is putting not only the middle class at risk, but the foundation of this nation. Our Plutocracy knows no nation, knows no loyalty, knows no patriotism. The dying middle class Americans are just another spoke in their international wheel that can be replaced with any other, workers from any other country.

"Please find the analysis of the the inconsistencies and evils within the speech in my article titled “Marco Rubio’s Speech: Forget The Water Bottle. It’s The Middle Class Killing Policies”.

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