DNA Altered Salmon Research In Panama – Food Supply Controlled By Corporations? (VIDEO)

imageThis research is happening in my previous backyard, Panama, and most Panamanians are completely oblivious to it. Is DNA altered food dangerous? I think it must be researched.

My personal opinion is that we have adapted to certain types of foods and that genetically modified food will be no different after we adapt to it.

My biggest concern has little to do with the food proper. My biggest concern is with those that control or take ownership of the newly created species. In watching the video there is something that sprung out. They make the fish sterile. In other words, the on off switch for reproduction is controlled by a private company. Same is true today for many of our seeds today.

Society must be tread carefully. Corporations are methodically encroaching on all of our lives. Many complain about big government or intrusive government. Many fail to realize that government is “we the people” and elected. Private companies answer solely to their shareholders and their interest is not necessarily what is best for society but what is best to maximize the profits for its shareholders that may not have any interest in that which makes society better.

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