April 1, 2015

BREAKING: Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius Release On Bail (VIDEO)

Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius was released on bail after the prosecution and defense both completed their arguments on Friday. The prosecution vehemently opposed bail.

Pistorius is accused of gunning down his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He claimed it was accidental. He said he thought she was an intruder. The prosecution said it was premeditated murder.

According to The Huffington Post

‘Prosecutor’.. Nel strongly opposed bail, citing both the violent nature of the alleged crime as well as his belief that Pistorius represented a flight risk. Steenkamp was shot four times and a 9 mm pistol was recovered at Pistorius’ home after the Valentine’s Day shooting, according to police. The world famous South African athlete had been held in a single cell at the Brooklyn holding facility, according to The Guardian.

"You cannot put yourself in the deceased’s position. It must have been terrifying. It was not one shot. It was four shots," Nel said on Friday, via Reuters.

While maintaining that Pistorius had no intention of shooting Steenkamp, ‘defense lawyer’ .. Roux contended that it would be very difficult for Pistorius to disappear due to both his fame and his prosthetic legs.

"Let me tell you how difficult it is for this man to disappear from this world," Roux said, via The Associated Press.

According to MSNBC the judge said the prosecutor did not do the job he should have done but it was not the totality of the state’s case. The judge also said he has problems with Pistorius account of the story. He said however Pistorius is neither a flight risk or danger to the public and as such will be granted bail.

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Ultimately the truth will come out when all the forensics are completed. While it is fact that a person behind a gun in some form is necessary to commit a tragic killing, the availability of guns make it more likely than not that it will be used accidentally or purposefully during times of stress.  This prominent case of gun violence and the gun violence that is seen in America daily is proof positive.

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