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This week’s show

imageSally SwisherDebilyn Molineaux and Sally Swisher will guest host while Egberto attends the Coffee Party USA Board un-Retreat.  There is SOOO much that has happened this week, we couldn’t settle on just one or two topics and decided that a potpouri of current events was in order. Here are a few starter topics:


  • Obama offering to cut Social Security cost of living raises, the "Grand Bargain?"
  • Arkansas Oil Spill – environment & media failures
  • Plan B over the counter?
  • US Post Office, the unrealistic expectations causing the "loss"
  • Don’t Do Koch – updates and upcoming events
  • CRUSHING Student Debt
  • Fast Food Strike in NYC
  • Monsanto Protection Act – actions we can take

Please call in and let us talk about it. 

Next week, Egberto will be back.  Maybe he’ll get a slow and boring week?  Sounds kind of fun, given the serious nature of all that is going on…  (Debilyn)

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