March 29, 2015

Democratic & Progressive Women Blue Ribbon Lobby Day A Resounding Success

Blue Ribbon Lobby Day at Texas Capitol

April 9th was a very busy day at the Texas capitol. Kingwood Area Democrats members and over 400 other advocates for women met with their respective elected officials and other Democratic leaders to show their support for issues like women’s healthcare, funding for public education, Medicaid expansion, and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in Texas.

This was the first Blue Ribbon Lobby Day, a day of advocacy organized by, for, and in support of Texas women. The goal was to help our elected officials find real-life solutions to important issues that affect all Texans. Democratic men and women from across the state gathered with great enthusiasm in full blue force to let their voices be heard. They filled the galleries in both the House and Senate where they were recognized by both bodies with a resolution declaring April 9th as Blue Ribbon Lobby Day.

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Senator Wendy Davis explained to all those present that April 9th was chosen because that is the date that a woman would finally have earned as much as a man had at the end of the previous year. Fair pay for Texas women is one of the top priorities of this group.

The main message to their legislators from these progressives was that Texas women are united, are watching and are keeping score! But this is just the beginning. The organizing effort for this event is going to provide opportunities for women to get involved at the capitol, because after the large response they had, it is clear that Texas women are ready to have their voices heard.



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