Facebook Blocked This Truthful Observation Yet Most Real Offensive Stuff Remain

I woke up this morning and did my regular perusing of the news through my different channels and ran across the article “WARNING: Sharing This Image Will Get You Blocked From Posting On Facebook (IMAGES)” from one from my fellow writers at Addicting Info, Matthew Hanson. It was in my DNA to blog this because I find it offensive that the message of this graphic is lost.

Matthew articulates much of what many of us have been saying for decades. It is a necessary message with the myriad of charlatans we have manipulating many of our neighbors, our relatives, andour friends.

Just like we have the military industrial complex preying on the taxpayers and vulnerable countries, the prison industrial complex preying mostly on Black, Hispanic, & poor Whites, and the corporatist industrial complex preying on us all, there is also the church industrial complex preying on good people with lapses of gullibility. This simply exposes that fact.

Please read  Matthew’s post as I found it quite compelling. He says:

Facebook might think the image offensive, but do you know what I think is offensive? Raising millions of dollars from your loyal followers, predicated on the fact that you’re doing “the Lord’s work,” while doing the opposite of what the Bible preaches. The Bible literally says you’ll go to hell for being wealthy and ignoring the poor;

Matthew Hanson

Matthew’s message gets ones attention graphically, emotionally, visually, compellingly, and intellectually. Just maybe this is the reason that it was pulled down. After-all he may post similarly compelling messages that may grab the attention of enough people to really start questioning our system and take the necessary actions by “we the people” to regain control of this entire country.

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