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This week’s show

Last week for the first time in years Politics Done Right went dark. Every one of our radio hosts had engagements and could not fill in. DelAnn Williams, our Director handling human resources is looking for two producers that can fill in my absence and cohost as well. If you are interested please contact us.

The past 10  days have been extremely eventful and it is evident with the number of prescient blog posts I was able to write over that time. In fact it was kind of hard to select the topic for the show today. I decided to talk about consequences of the Boston Marathon Bombing, the economic fraud effected by economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff that is destroying our economy and the economy of the world, and lack of empathy and callousness of our politicians, Democratic and Republican alike who fixed the sequester inconvenience on the wealthy even as they ignore the pain felt by the poor and the middle class.

This will be a very substantive and uplifting show.

Please call in and let us talk about it.

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