Jon Stewart Blows Up Fox News Theories Hyping Benghazi Tragedy


Fox News, the propaganda outlet of the Republican Party, continues to push the story that there was some sort of Benghazi cover up. They continue to a display false sense of indignation over the “Liberal Media’s” interest in covering the story. In the past, Fox News simply hyped a negative story on the administration and it  immediately became news on every network station. It seems that maybe the “Liberal Media” is being a bit more careful taking their lead from Fox News.

It should be said that there is no “Liberal Media’”. There is a spineless mainstream media that concentrates on entertainment as opposed to journalism. And then there is Fox News which is nothing but a Right Wing propaganda engine for the GOP that is used to destroy the opposition mostly with misinformation and lies.

Jon Stewart presents a montage of snippets that gives a picture of what Fox News viewers are bombarded with; conspiracies on Benghazi,  cover ups on Benghazi, and impeachable offenses by the President. Yet, no specific evidence after many months are provided.

Stewart plays a number on Congressman Darrell Issa by stating the fact that he voted against funds to support security for our foreign presence.He then presented a skit blaming Issa for the massacre given his vote.

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