Bill Maher To Right Wing Conservatives: If You Are Really Pro-Life You Would … (VIDEO)

Bill Maher once again shows the inconsistency of Conservative Republicans on an issue. This issue however can be life or death and life changing. While is the wrong messenger, Right Wing Conservative would never listen to him, he puts a message out there that many can frame to help effect change in the minds of many.

First here are the relevant excerpts from his New Rules.

Besides the heroic Wendy Davis, there were two stories in the news this week dealing with teenage sex. … One story was about Plan B, that’s the morning after pill that the FDA says it’s safer than Motrin that every American can buy over the counter. … And because it is a birth control pill it will prevent abortions. …

The other story was about the vaccine for HPV. Which is the STD that leads to cervical cancer and how that vaccine since its introduction in 2006 has reduced teenage infections by 56%. All good news, right? Wrong! …

Tell me why Conservatives always couch their objections the HPV vaccine in Parental Rights. But never complain about other state mandated vaccines. … Republicans actually think this vaccine encourages girls to have sex.

But studies have been done on this and girls who get the HPV shot become no more sexually active than girls who do not. … One in three 16 year olds in America are having intercourse. To deny them access to the vaccine or Plan B as a means of preventing them from doing it is like not giving them an umbrella so it would not rain…

Plan B again is not an abortion pill. Quite the opposite. It’s a dose of hormone that prevents ovulation. … If Republicans were really pro-life, they would endorse making Plan B free to women everywhere.

There are times when it is pointless to attempt to talk to someone that is so ideologically entrenched that they refuse to go over the real science. However it must be done. One must remember these are the same folks that claim they want government out of citizens’ business yet they want to control who you can and cannot marry, who you can and cannot sleep with, and sadly they support the death penalty for the born even as they fight for the unborn fetus.

Denying young women Plan B or the HPV vaccine is an ideological move that would ultimately kill a percentage of those following the tenets of the ideology. It is imperative that one frame Right Wing Conservative ideology honestly with the narrative that graphically details the outcome of its adoption. Only then will the vast majority of Americans get it.

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