Desire Grover: An Open Letter To George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s Killer (VIDEO)

Desire Grover,Open Letter To George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s Killer

Desire Grover, a General Newspaper Reporter and prolific CNN iReporter wrote a rather poignant open letter to Mr. George Zimmerman, killer of Trayvon Martin. She writes.

Dear Mr. George Zimmerman,

How does it feel to be on trial? How does it feel to have people label you and judge you without “knowing” you? It couldn’t possibly feel good. Maybe Trayvon had similar feelings when you, a strange man in the dark of night, followed him? Do you think Trayvon had the same feelings of fear? Do you think Trayvon felt just as threatened that night as you do today? I think he did and his murder proves he had reason to feel that way.

You must have so much regret. You thought you had Trayvon pegged. He was a thief… wasn’t he? Just like the one you helped you neighbor stop days before. How could you be so wrong this time? You were CERTAIN he was a thief. You didn’t think Trayvon deserved a decent interaction like hello my name is. You were certain he was a thief. You were certain that he didn’t belong there and you were certain that you would not LET this PUNK get away because they always get away!

So you grabbed him didn’t you Zimmerman? You put your hands on him. You demanded information from him while giving NO information about yourself. You thought you were a cop and you were going to make sure the real cops caught him. So you held on tight wrestling with the boy.

You had the upper hand. You had a gun. What could Trayvon do against a man with a gun? But this 17-year-old boy stood his ground against you. He was beatin’ your behind and made you regret playing cop so you shot him. And then you calmly stood over his body like a cat over a mouse. Purring, proud of what you had accomplished. UNTIL you found out he wasn’t a thief. He was just a boy and he did belong in the neighborhood. How could you be so wrong Mr. Zimmerman but now you get to have a trial. An innocent ‘til proven guilty trial, a trial that you never allowed Trayvon to have that night.

The letter speaks for itself. The emotion with which she articulates it below gives it resonance.

Whenever one takes a stand, one can expect the bottom feeders to chime in. Desire received some interesting comments. A sample below but check out her message thread here.

image If Zimmerman is acquitted and there is rioting, Desire will be here to explain why it is someone other than the rioters’ fault they are rioting.And the president will tell us that if he had a son, he’d look a lot like many of the rioters.
image Too much anger in this post!
image You have to love the racists in this country like Desire.  This isn’t about whether he is guilty, this is about whether she can speculate a different outcome if the races were different.Eye witness stated that he saw martin on top of Zimmerman corroborating his story.  Then the thug died.Why should anyone not believe Zimmerman?  We have hearsay testimony of some girl that wasn’t there but heard something on the phone.  I might add that she was at least friends with martin.  Then you have a 3rd party witness, that has not proven to be friends with anyone.

Credibility goes to Zimmerman as he corroborated his story.

At the end of the day a boy is dead because he chose to confront rather than walk away.  The guy, was part of the neighborhood watch.  This becomes our problem in this society.  As so many people living in violent areas refuse to get involved to assist.  This is OUR country.  These our OUR towns and OUR communities.  If you don’t stand up for what is yours, the THUGS win

image George Zimmerman a white man? I thought he is Hispanic. I guess if you are a racist and you want to make this white on black thing, Zimmerman is a ‘white Hispanic’. That way the entire white race can be put on trial.We certainly cannot just say, there were two guys acting like idiots and now one is dead. No. That would not perpetuate racism and gawd knows we need to keep that alive and well!We certainly cannot wait until all the evidence is given! Hell no! We can make all the judgments just from reading the news. Who needs trials anymore? We have CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC and all the rest telling us all we need to know.
image WOW..blame the victim is nothing new – but it is stomach churning to see some of these comments. George Zimmerman will be convicted of Manslaughter. IMO. The Jury is not stuck with Murder 2.
Gapper – it’s NOT just the Black Community that felt he should have been charged right away. It’s not Just the Black Community who believes GZ stalked this kid and caused this whole thing.He is a liar – he AND his wife. I don’t believe a word of his version of events. I believe what I heard on the full 911 tape. GZ profiled,followed and killed an innocent kid.[2 sensible comments]
image This idiot Zimmerman is GUILTY! Yes Trayvon fought back but who started it? If a Zimmerman was following me in the dark I’d ask questions and fight myself. No excuse for Zimmerman to have NOT listened to the dispatcher! If Zimmerman is innocent all hell breaks lose! Right decision is GUILTY![Another sensible comment]

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