Obamacare Deceptions, Voting Rights Act,& Texas Gun Insanity (VIDEO)


Misinformation is a bad thing. When it comes to healthcare, willful misinformation should be a crime. Today is a bit heavy on Obamacare related links. Misinformation over Obamacare can cost your family’s financial well-being, but most importantly your life.

  • This testimonial is worth sharing. It is what no fear, no worry healthcare feels like.

    I just described a whole bunch of hoops that my doctor jumped through to give me the best outcome he possibly could  – but there is one hoop he didn’t have to jump through. My healthcare is government provided single payer because my husband spent his first career in the military.

    When the tea-folk were a new phenomenon and they were screaming about a ‘government takeover of healthcare’ I was saying “You Wish!” because the government, it seems to me, is the only entity doing it right.

  • Republican healthcare deception funded by the Koch brothers are about to begin. This makes it clear that Republicans have no real interest in the health and fiscal well-being of middle class Americans. Why else would they lie about the benefits of Obamacare when much of Obamacare implements a market based system originally proposed by the Conservative Heritage Foundation.

    Though many of its rules will not take effect for months, President Obama’s health care law is already the subject of an aggressive advertising campaign by Republicans to sow doubts about how it will work.

    In one of the largest campaigns of its kind, Americans for Prosperity, a conservative advocacy group financed by Charles and David Koch, will begin running television commercials this week asserting that the law will limit Americans’ health care choices.

  • If you are young, you are a target. The Republicans want you to believe that Obamacare is a clear and present danger to you. They want you to believe it will cost most of you much more than now. Read this now for your peace of mind and for your health.
  • Most of the country might be taking a break on this July 4th holiday, but the liars over at Fox never rest.
  • Explains why Americans remain uninformed, misinformed, and misdirected.


  • John Young, longtime Texas newspaperman  says it best.

    Watch how redistricting is done. Both parties know where the votes are. They are color-coded. And not in red and blue — try white, black and brown.

    Observe efforts to deprive some Americans of the vote by prohibiting bilingual ballots. Multiculturalism is a pet peeve of J.R. Crow, who won’t acknowledge that unilingual ballots would be direct descendants of Great Granddad’s literacy tests. Meanwhile, the individual costs attached to some Voter I.D. measures share the lineage of poll taxes.

  • This is why many realize Texas’ policies are a clear and present danger to sanity.
  • Immigration bill simply a gift to the military industrial complex.


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