Conservative Columnist Excoriate Republican Congressman On Senate Bill

Conservative Columnist David Brooks embarrassed Republican Congressman Raúl Labrador on the absurdity of Republican arguments against the Senate immigration bill on Meet The Press. The Republicans believe that sending out Latinos to articulate objections to policies that support the general Latino population would give the inherent prejudice of their party some cover. Unfortunately they simply do not understand that said population is intelligent and politically aware. It does not matter who delivers poison, the recipient always ultimately suffers or dies.


David Brooks: I have seen a lot of intellectually weak cases in this town. I have rarely seen as intellectually a weak case as the case against the senate immigration bill. The Republicans say they want to reduce illegal immigration. The Congressional Budget Office says the Senate bill will reduce it by a third to a half. They say they want economic growth. All the top Conservative economists say it will produce economic growth. They say they want to reduce the debt. CBO says it will reduce the debt. All the big major objectives that Republicans stand for, the Senate Immigration bill will do. And so the other things they are talking about are secondary and tertiary issues. … Compared to the big thing this bill does, they are miniscule.

Congressman Raúl Labrador: If you listen to what the CBO said, they said that it is going to be between a third and fifty percent reduction in illegal immigration. That means that every five years we are going to have to do another Reagan amnesty. What the American people want is a secure border. They understand that there is going to be economic growth. I agree that there is going to be economic growth when you have immigration reform. That is why I am a big proponent of immigration reform. But for somebody to sit here on national TV and say that it is a weak argument to argue that we want something like ninety percent security, I think it is actually beyond the pale.

David Brooks: The CBO says it would reduce it by a third to fifty percent. What I hear the Congressman saying is he won’t support it unless it is one hundred percent because we would have to go back to a Reagan.

Congressman Raúl Labrador: That’s not what I said. Don’t put words in my mouth.

David Brooks: Let me say. The current law produces this X much illegal immigration. This law cuts it significantly. It’s better than the current law. Generally when something is better than what we’ve got, generally you want to support that thing.

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