Women Pro & Against Texas SB1 Bill Testimonies Continue – War on Women


The above is the view from the Texas Senate hearings at the Capitol in Austin Texas. Women have been at the Texas Capitol since six this morning. It is past 7:00 PM and the testimonies continue. Some women are stating that they have been at the Capitol for over 17 hours. Some of the testimonies from those opposing the bill that would close all but five clinics in the vast state of Texas were riveting. A statement from a woman explained what has happened when draconian abortion laws are put in effect. Rich women get there abortions no matter what. Poor women get sick, die, or relegated to permanent poverty. Those on the support side of the debate sadly had nothing but emotions to go on. Science means nothing to these folks. The activity at the Capitol is vibrant and cordial. There is no where near the crowd that Wendy Davis and the Democrats were able to bring. Texas is changing. It is now purple and will be blue shortly.