See What This Lady Wants To Rename ‘Right To Life’ To (VIDEO)

Teresa Anderson was putting on her gear to get on her scooter and go home. She had just completed a monumental display of Progressive activism coalesced via social media and text messaging at the Texas Capitol in Austin. Texas progressive women (& men) marched in what seemed like an unending river of people against Texas Senate Bill 1.

The anti-choice folks had brought in the big guns including Mike Huckabee. Inasmuch as they brought people in by bus to pad their numbers, the pro-choice people outnumbered them in raw numbers and in passion.

It was refreshing listening to Teresa, a volunteer for a non-profit afterschool program as she was about to get unto her scooter. She said she asked many of the people wearing blue, people in the anti-choice contingent, to donate to the young kids. They all declined.

The anti-choice folks have no problem traveling and spending for the fetus, yet they find it disgusting to invest in the born, the living. Their adamant refusal is symbolic of their ideological governance. Teresa says it best in the video. She wants to change the phrase ‘Right To Life’ to something much less flattering. Listen to Teresa in her own words.

Teresa also sees the big picture of the current Republican modus operandi. Given the hoopla these folks make about the imposition of Sharia law and too much government, is it not ironic  that they are following the same protocol?

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