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Move to Amend Reports

Hosted by National Leadership Team members Laura Bonham and Egberto Willies, will air every Thursday at 8:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM PT.

The show will feature guests who specialize in movement building, amending the Constitution, grassroots organizing, and issues relating to corporate rule and participatory democracy.

Each show provides opportunity for call-in questions and comments from the listening audience by dialing 646-652-2345 (long distance charges may apply).

Today’s Show:

We have a special show tonight. We are honored to have Peter Schurman of  Free Speech For People  to discuss their new report “The Growing Trans-partisan Opposition To Citizens United”. We will also have Jay Kasturi, Rockie Gonzales, & Sarah Watkins of RiseUp/Levanta Texas to discuss their success in mobilizing Texas women and men, young and old of all stripes to descend on the Texas Capitol in Austin to fight against Texas’ draconian anti-women laws. They will also discuss different methodologies in using new technologies to mobilize not only the young, but all Americans.

Our Guests:

Peter Schurman Move to Amend Reports Peter Schurman is Campaign director at Free Speech For People (FSFP). He was the founding Executive Director at (2001-2005). Peter also has extensive previous experience directing national and regional advocacy campaigns, and building organizations, having served as National Student Organizer for the Sierra Club, New England Clean Air Coordinator for the American Lung Association, Issue Organizer for the Safe Energy Communication Council, Associate Director at Adopt-A-Watershed, and National Student Organizer for the Lead. His undergraduate degree is in history from the University of Pennsylvania, and he also earned an MBA from Yale in 2000.
Jay Kasturi Move to Amend Reports Jay Kasturi is a freelance web/graphic designer in Austin, a student of history, and an activist/organizer with various women’s organizations. She is active in RiseUp/Levanta Texas and the ‘Stand With Texas Women’ movement in Texas that mobilized thousands of Texans in less than a month.
Sarah Watkins Move to Amend Reports Sarah Watkins is a member of RiseUp/Levanta Texas and a disabled feminist involved with legislative work and grassroots activism around Medicaid long-term care issues in Texas. She is particularly passionate about the intersections between disability rights and reproductive justice.
Rockie Gonzalez Move to Amend Reports Rockie Gonzalez is an organizer and spokesperson for RiseUp/Levanta Texas. She is a native Texan and has been in Austin for over 12 years with her daughter and husband. Gonzales was instrumental in ensuring the correct narrative of ‘Stand With Texas Women’ was articulated to the media at large.

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