A Mayor Anthony Weiner May Be A Good Thing For New York & America

Anthony WeinerAmerica has gone puritanically insane. To be sure, many will claim it is not the salaciousness of the pictures and graphically sexual tweets of Carlos Danger (Anthony Weiner’s Twitter name) that is driving this story. Many will say that it is the lies about his online behavior that keeps this story in the 24/7 news lineup. That is simply hogwash. America is a country that has been trained to be sexually puritanical in discourse while sexually liberal behind closed doors or by implication in music, videos, and movies.

This applies to the common man and politicians alike. Most by now are aware that from FDR to Kennedy, sexual escapades were common. In the case of President Clinton, those that verbally attacked him for the Monica Lewinsky ‘sex scandal’ were themselves guilty of similar or worst sexual escapades (puritanical in condemnation while sexually liberal).

It is unsettling that the New York Times thought it had the right to suggest that Anthony Weiner leave the mayoral race inasmuch as they never suggested that Giuliani or Clinton resign for their ‘sexual misdeeds’. What is even more disconcerting is the mainstream media’s 24/7obsession with the story. Their righteous indignation for what is so far a fantasy; a virtual sexual affair as they probe with psychological analysis, moral analysis, with a dose of excoriation is uncalled for.

The media would do much better if they had concentrated on Wieners’ fitness to be mayor based on his qualifications relative to other mayors. Does he display the passion and political knowledge to be the head of a city of over 8 million people? Is any other mayoral candidate more qualified? Judging Weiner based on his discovered sexual proclivities while not doing so for all the other candidates is reason enough to stick with only his qualifications.

The reality is that there is a real scandal. The real scandal isn’t about Weiner however. It is about a derelict mainstream media. While an excessive amount of time is being spent on a virtual sexual scandal, there are many issues that materially affect the working middle class that go unreported.

Weiner hurts no one but his family with his actions. Every day politicians in Washington institute policies that hurt the working middle class. Every day politicians in cities, municipalities, and counties effect policies that funnel tax dollars to a select few at the expense of the tax paying benefit losing working middle class. Yet, mainstream media reporters and researchers spend their time on detailed analysis of time stamps of tweets of a virtual sex affair instead of following the paper trail that would detail the continual pilfer of the working middle class by corrupt politicians and greedy Plutocrats.

Weiner is headlining every major newspaper, TV station, and radio station. In the meantime little coverage is given to issues that materially affect millions. Where is the coverage of the plight of the strong voter rights movement in North Carolina? Where is the detail coverage of the real Keystone XL scandal? Where is the detail coverage of the military industrial complex stealing of taxpayers’ dollars in Iraq, Afghanistan, locally, and worldwide? Where is the coverage of an out of control banking system that continues even after the 2008 crash? Where the coverage of a failing education system nationally that has left the average American citizen oblivious to world and national events that will eventually be impactful in their lives and the country’s well-being? One could go on and on.

The mainstream media is either a fraud or at best a joke. Their job is to be a check on government by ensuring transparency and an informed citizenry. On all accounts they have failed. They have become the mouthpiece of a Plutocracy driven government at different levels of gradation to give them a semblance of objectivity. Their handling of the Iraq war (complicity in war characterization by the Bush administration), NSA surveillance disregard for several years, the Affordable Care Act (death panels and government takeover of healthcare and other GOP lies mostly unchallenged), and many other issues of vital importance to citizens was and is abysmal.

Just maybe if New Yorkers thumb the mainstream media in the eye and put Anthony Weiner into the mayor’s office, they will drop once and for all their fascination or maybe their own inhibited projection of sexuality from the political spectrum. Maybe then they will do the tough task called their job. Can one hope?

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