Stephen Colbert Decimates Rand Paul On Syria (VIDEO)

Rand Paul And Stephen Colbert

The mainstream media is criticized for being shallow and easily manipulated. This was obvious this week when Jimmy Kimmel pretty much embarrassed all corners of the media as they reported a twerking video as fact when in fact it was a hoax, a setup. While this incident is funny and inconsequential it speaks of a news media that no longer check sources but uses others willing to provide the information as reliable sources.

The problem is that this extends to consequential stories that have national and international repercussions. Americans saw videos of a horrific gassing of innocent civilians. Most in the mainstream media reported this incident as fact. Not widely reported was the possibility that some Syrian rebels may have done this to force retaliation by the United States. Reporting influences public opinion which has  a material effect on our actions, treasure, and ultimately our democracy.

Rand Paul has been all over the mainstream media criticizing every move the President makes. Paul flips and flops as the president changes his stances based on diplomatic results. In doing so Rand Paul shows his lack of seriousness and consistency. Yet the mainstream media continues to seek out this man, the man whose knowledge was questioned by John Kerry in open committee, for a narrative. Worse, there is no pushback by the mainstream media from Rand Paul’s inconsistent statements with previous Rand Paul’s inconsistent statements.

America should be concerned that a comedy channel along with many other satirists and comedians are doing a more effective job of scrutinizing politicians and real news. While the media continues to parade Rand Paul as a knowledgeable source on America’s foreign policy with Syria, Stephen Colbert exposes his hypocrisy, inconsistency, and abject stupidity.

After the President gave his speech this week, Rand Paul provided sort of a rebuttal. He was subsequently interviewed by various of the networks. In the video, Colbert uses snippets of Rand Paul’s own statements to refute past and current Rand Paul statements. It is quite funny and likely embarrassing for Paul.

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Unfortunately the Rand Paul’s exposure on the mainstream media allows him to partially drive a narrative on the Syrian issue that is based solely on opposing the President irrespective of the President’s choices. The correct Syria position and narrative is important. The nation is justifiably war weary. Using Rand Paul as a mouthpiece on this issue is an aberration.

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