Wendy Davis Announces For Texas Governor – Enthusiasm Very High (VIDEO)

So far her journey has taken her from a single mother in a Texas trailer park to one of the leaders in the Texas Senate. She is now on a journey to the highest office in Texas. She will be governor of Texas in 2014.

Texas Senator Wendy Davis made it official on Thursday October 3rd, 2013. She will be the Democratic Candidate likely challenging Texas Attorney General Republican Greg Abbott. You can see her announcement here.

Texas is ready for a change. Governance by the good old boy network has made the state a low tax panacea for business even as the masses are left wanting. Texas is a state with one of the largest subsidies/tax giveaways to business even as it refuses to fund public K-12 at appropriate levels. Texas is the state with the highest percentage of uninsured citizens even as its governor refuses to accept the Medicaid expansion of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Texas is a state in the middle of an oil boom that refuses to keep its roads paved.

The good old boys have done to Texas what Right Wing Republicans have done to the nation as whole. They have effected policies that pilfered the middle class. Higher education costs continue to rise faster than inflation and the state continues to put less than required into the system.

Wendy Davis will face a tough race as Gregg Abbott has already amassed a sizeable war chest. The dirty tactics have already begun. The good old boys better remember that Wendy Davis’ life story makes her a fighter more so than them all. She knows what it was to be poor. She knows what it was to need and not have. Most importantly she remembers a long gone Texas where irrespective of having been born poor, there were state resources to give her not a handout, but access to success. It is that which she wants to give back to Texas.

It will likely be a close race.  However with Texas’ changing demographics, a population decimated by a Republican Party that lives in an ideological bubble, a Republican Party that continues to trample women’s rights, and a Republican Party that refuses to adopt programs to aid its most needy, Wendy Davis stands a chance. Wendy will prove the pundits wrong as she personalizes the race. She will win by leading the debate and not falling into the trap that Republicans are starting to attempt, discussions on issues irrelevant to the well-being of Texans.

Below is the Wendy For Governor watch party by the Kingwood Area Democrats in conjunction with Battleground Texas.

There were dozens of these in the Houston area and hundreds throughout Texas. This roll-out occurred at 4:30PM on a workday and was still well attended. With this type of enthusiasm and with an acknowledged need for change, Wendy Davis will be a winner.

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