April 18, 2014

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On the day President Obama got inaugurated a meeting with the most powerful Republicans and their operatives was held to attempt to destroy his presidency at all cost. This story is a story that was well known and rarely reported to the masses.

The fact is that most of President Obama’s policies have been Center Right policies; from the Affordable Care Act, to tax policy, to economic policy. Continuous objections by Republicans to his policies in general are effectively objections to many of their own policies.  Republicans have moved so far to the Right that Center Right policies to them seem Liberal.

Imagine if Republicans had decided to be a partner to President Obama. Imagine if the stimulus was $1.2 Trillion instead of $800 billion. Imagine if the President’s infrastructure build out was effected. Imagine if we had a single payer healthcare system as opposed to a system that had to adapt to Frankenstein.

If those with a voice were not timid or fearful to speak up we would not have lost 5 years of stunted growth. For too long in an attempt to seem fair and balanced a false equivalence was forced on the national dialogue. In doing so a disservice was effected on Americans. That failure allowed the election of neo-confederate insurrectionists. The shutdown and all the damage done to the economy and to America’s respect around the world is a direct result.

Going forward all those with a voice must make no attempt for balance because of some false equivalence. The traditional media dropped the cloak of false equivalence temporarily as Republicans almost destroyed the country. Unfortunately as the country steps back from the brink many of the old habits are back.

Everyone reading this post has a voice. Use it. Do not depend on the traditional media, the corporate media to message. Spread the truth through your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc), and your physical networks (churches, mosques, synagogues, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc.). No one is carrying the ball for the working middle class. You must.

Please check out the mini documentary ‘Legalize Democracy’. It is entertaining and hard hitting.  It describes America’s dilemma.  It is a call to action.

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  1. Samuel C. Pearson says:

    I just read your piece about disenfranchising women in Texas on the Daily Kos site. It is even worse than this. My sister-in-law in San Antonio, 82 years old, was challenged at the voting booth today because her voter card read “Betty L. Clay” and her DOD ID read “Betty Clay.” Both carried the same address, and she has voted from this address for at least 30 years. Why are the Republicans determined to disenfranchise minorities and women. Aren’t their very best smart enough to realize that government based on the will of 30% of whom 80% are male and 95% are white is an invitation to civil disobedience? I guess when the parties are distinguished less by ideology than by IQ, the party of the dumb is bound to destroy itself sooner or later. Strange and wondrous!

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