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Move To Amend Reports

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Move to Amend Reports

Hosted by National Leadership Team members Laura Bonham and Egberto Willies, will air every Thursday at 8:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM PT.

The show will feature guests who specialize in movement building, amending the Constitution, grassroots organizing, and issues relating to corporate rule and participatory democracy.

Each show provides opportunity for call-in questions and comments from the listening audience by dialing 646-652-2345 (long distance charges may apply).

Today’s Guests

David Cobb

David Cobb

David Cobb was born in San Leon, Texas. After working as a crewman on a Gulf Coast shrimp boat, a construction worker and a waiter, David Cobb graduated from the University of Houston Law School in 1993. After several years in private practice as a Houston, Texas attorney, he became engaged in politics. During the 1980s, he campaigned for the Democratic presidential candidacies of Jesse Jackson and Jerry Brown. Those experiences left him disenchanted with and disaffected from the Democratic Party. Consequently, he turned his activism to broad issues of democracy and corporations, joining with citizens’ groups in lectures, seminars, and workshops throughout the U.S. He sought to promote his view that corporations became unelected governing institutions, which should be overthrown by means of a nonviolent democratic revolution.

In 2000, David Cobb answered the call of Green Presidential candidate Ralph Nader to organize Nader’s Texas campaign. He coordinated a successful ballot access drive in the state. Concurrently, Cobb became Green Party of the United States General Counsel.

In 2002, David Cobb ran for Texas Attorney General on the Green ticket and used his candidacy to “barnstorm” Texas localities with little Green representation. His election bid was unsuccessful, winning just 0.92% of the vote. The Green Party of Texas lost its ballot access, which remained out of reach until 2010. The next year, a Green committee tagged him as a possible presidential candidate, which challenge he accepted. [Wikipedia]

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