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There was a huge story this week that will affect millions that did not get the coverage it deserved. It is a story about humanity. It is a story about how we treat our fellow brothers and sisters. It is a story about whether we are really a humane nation. It is a story about the lack of power a certain group has. It is a story about why the powerless remains powerless. What is this story? It is the War on the Poor. Did you know food stamps are being cut for the least among us in a time where those effecting the cuts have done nothing to create jobs? Did you know that politicians effecting the cuts are beneficiaries of large cash subsidies within the same bill that starves the poor?

Cliff Hayes did a great piece on what the poor is experiencing in America.

The Poor Going Over The Hunger Cliff

Take a look at Ned Resnikoff story, $5 billion in cuts hit food stamps.

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