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This week’s show

This week’s political hysteria was comical. Conservatives and the Right Wing Republicans were appalled that ‘millions’ of Americans were losing their private individual insurance. Insurance companies were cancelling policies they decided had to change for their profitability. Given that going forward the Affordable Care Act demands that health insurance is real insurance, bad policies not grandfathered could not be extended. That is not a presidential lie; it is the reality of private insurance.

Of course most of these insurance companies were not worth the papers they were written on. They were not insurance policies. They were simply semblance of insurance.

I will preview some of my DailyKOS front page article on this issue at the beginning of the show. The article will be linked here when it goes live. Please be sure to share it and encourage people to comment. I will be reading these and blogging some of the comments.

He knows the Affordable Care Act.

Chris Lillis Affordable Care ActToday I am honored to have a stalwart that is fighting for every American to have healthcare. He has been onboard the voyage to help Americans in their acquisition of affordable health insurance. He supports the Affordable Care Act. He promotes the Affordable Care Act. He understands the Affordable Care Act.

He is at the forefront of dispelling the myths and lies of those that would attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act. He is a doctor that takes care of real patients and not the pocketbooks of Plutocrats. He is Dr. Chris Lillis. He is a member of Doctors for America.

Christopher Lillis graduated from the Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed his Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine at Duke University Medical Center. He has been a member of Doctors for America since its founding in 2008. Dr Lillis is a full time private practice Internist in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is a monthly columnist at the Free Lance Star Newspaper in Fredericksburg, VA. He, his wife, and his son live in Fredericksburg, VA.

Dr. Lillis wrote a most prescient blog post yesterday titled ‘From the Heart’ that is a must read. He shows he knows. Please read it and post comments.

This is going to be a great show.

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