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Politics Done Right w/ Egberto Willies Income Inequality & Guest David Shelton on Gay Issues

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This week’s show

Income Inequality Wrong Message / Writer David W. Shelton

This week was saturated with coverage on Chris Christie. I decided I was not going to get into the fray. Christie’s fate was sealed long before this scandal absent a complete capitulation of the current GOP dynamics. This is unlikely.

David W. SheltonThe first 10 to 15 minutes of the show will feature a sneak peak of my DailyKOS Sunday essay on why terms like war on poverty, income inequality, and wealth disparity is not a winning message for Progressives.

The rest of the show will be a dialogue with David W. Shelton. He is a writer, author, publisher, business owner, and activist in the Clarksville, TN area. He is a gay man that was offended like most of us about the Duck Dynasty controversy.

David W. Shelton wrote two great blog posts. Read it when you get a chance. The first is “What the Duck? Why the Right Wing has Totally Quacked.” The second is “The Folly of the Right Wing Rage Machine.” Also check out Eric Byler’s post “Angry on command: on media and the existence of gay people.”

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  1. It’s NOT a Choice. Here’s Why That Matters.

    The choice myth is the clog in the drain that keeps the stagnant waters of anti-gay bigotry in the kitchen sink of politics, religion, and culture.