Koch Brothers slammed for lying Obamacare Ad That Hurts Americans (VIDEO)

Koch Brothers Julie Boonstra  Americans For Prosperity Obamacare Ad

America is a free country. Free speech ensures that we can say almost anything without consequence. As a society we have decided on exceptions to free speech. You cannot yell ‘fire’ in a theatre when there is no fire. You cannot yell ‘bomb’ at an airport when there is no bomb. Why, because at that point your free speech infringes on the safety of your fellow citizens.

So far the Koch Brothers have been getting away with figuratively yelling ‘bomb’ in a crowded airport and yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater absent both. To the Koch Brothers, Americas uninsured and poor make up the crowded arena. A high priced ineffective Obamacare is the negative event to run from.

Because the Koch Brothers have been unable to find people in real need for affordable insurance where Obamacare was a net negative, they had to resort to lies. Debunkers have been playing Whac-A-Mole with every single false ad, Fox News false story, and or lying politicians.

The Julie Boonstra story almost brought me to tears because it’s a real story. Her story is personal to me because I have a wife with Lupus, a pre-existing condition. We were fortunate to always have insurance. Check out our own Obamacare story here.  My wife is the leader of a Lupus group in our area with women and men who suffer with the disease who were unable to get or afford health insurance. Julie Boonstra has leukemia, a disease that can be fatal.

Julie Boonstra’s ad was proven to be not only misleading but a mathematical lie. It is sad that people who know better, specifically the Koch Brothers funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP), have misled Julie Boonstra and potentially Americans watching the ad.

Here is the truth about Julie Boonstra Obamacare reality.

  • It is false that she could not find a plan with her doctor.  AFP confirms she has.
  • While in the ad she says the costs are unaffordable, her premiums dropped from $1100/month to $571/month. That is a saving of $6,348 per year. Her maximum out of pocket with Obamacare is $6,350. That is $2 more that her savings in premiums alone. It does not include many other savings.
  • Her Obamacare policy offers her protections she did not have before. Her policy cannot be rescinded.Her policy does not have a maximum cap any longer. There are no further charges. In other words, unlike what is said in the ad, her costs are known, deterministic, and will not bankrupt her. Her old policy did not have those protections. None ever did before Obamacare and that is why the plutocracy hates Obamacare. Patients must come first.

Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid justifiably slammed the Koch Brothers for funding such an evil endeavor.

Harry Reid lashed out at the Koch Brothers on the Senate floor.

My wife’s cancellation letter from her high priced low service old health insurance policy was a blessing. Only those with sociopathic instincts can make a positive occurrence a negative that could ultimately kill Americans,

This ad will hurt Americans who believe the lies if it prevents them from getting Obamacare. Worse, if it is believed and encourages politicians to weaken the law, it hurts us all. Obamacare needs fixing. It would serve the country best if it morphed into Medicare For All.

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