Scott Brown Bashed Obamacare To GOP State Rep Who Told Him It Saved Him

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It is becoming more likely that the reality of Obamacare’s success will defeat the GOP created caricature before the November election. Scott Brown, who is considering running for Senator from New Hampshire, is finding that out in the most embarrassing manner.

According to the Coos County Democrat,

Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown, a Republican of Massachusetts, who won the seat formerly occupied by the late U.S. Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy in a special election and is now seriously considering a run against Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat, visited the home of Rep. Herb Richardson, a Republican of Lancaster, and his wife Rita on Saturday afternoon.

If Scott Brown new what would greet him at Rep. Herb Richardson’s home he may have reconsidered visiting. Scott Brown spoke about the top issues that he believes differentiates the parties. He included the national debt, the deficit, and lack of jobs. Of course he likely forgot to note that the genesis of these issues was long in the making. They are but the end stage of supply side economics instituted by Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s.

Scott Brown attacked Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) as crushing job creation. Inasmuch as Obamacare is more similar to RomneyCare than not, he claimed in Massachusetts the law was a collaborative effort. Scott Brown must understand collaboration assumes one has partners willing to collaborate. The GOP specifically stated they had no intentions to do so when the president was elected.

Scott Brown told GOP Rep. Herb Richardson and his wife that Obamacare was a monstrosity that was hurting the middle class. This is where reality began to trump the fantasy. It rips the caricature that the GOP has been spinning.

Scott Brown did not expect this

GOP Rep. Herb Richardson and his wife pointed out that Obamacare has been a lifesaver for them. It turns out Richardson was hurt on his job. He was forced to live on his worker’s comp payment for an extended period of time. The couple would have had to pay $1100 for health insurance. They could not afford that. Obamacare rescued them. Instead their bill after subsidies was only $136 per month. His wife Rita Richardson then exclaimed, “Thank God for Obamacare!”

This story is not an isolated story. Last week I wrote about Fergus Cullen who is the former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party (2007-2008). His family saved over $1000/month by signing up for Obamacare.

These stories should be receiving much more coverage than they are. The traditional media was complicit in misinforming Americans with GOP lies and fantasies. They allowed death panels, government takeover of healthcare, and throwing grandma under the bus to be plausible in the minds of many. They should do the responsible thing and tell these stories to prevent Americans from making bad choices from the misinformation the traditional media allowed on the air. You can do your part as well. Share this information everywhere!

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