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This week’s show
May 24th, 2014

Traditional Media midterm narrative falling apart

The traditional media narrative for the midterm election is that the president is unpopular. They say Obamacare will be an anchor on Democrats chances for holding on to the Senate. They say it is going to be a great election for Republicans. No one speaks about whether it is going to be a great midterm for America. It is as if every day Americans have nothing to do with the outcome of the elections they will be participating in.

Americans are not yet fully engaged in the midterm elections. They are busy. Unlike those in the traditional media, they have real issues to deal with to survive. Ironically, when one polls the landscape, the traditional media’s narrative is turning on its head. Unfortunately as opposed to correcting for actual observations, the traditional media digs in. This is dangerous because the media at some level has the ability to distort reality and as such it can change electoral outcomes.

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