March 28, 2015

Democratic vs Republican House Leadership–Which Party Wants You?


Even after a defeat that was caused partially by the fact that the Republican Party is not really inclusive in practice, they remain oblivious to the optics of their new Republican House Leadership. While it is true that they have since added a woman in a ceremonial leadership position, the continuous damage remains. I simply cannot feel how any woman or minority can feel themselves a part of the party. Social issues should not be enough. Every positive or neutral social issue the GOP stands for is supported (or tolerated) in the Democratic Party. Democratic House Leadership Republican House Leadership LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Republican Faux Soul-Searching


Chastened by their decisive losses in the election, many conservatives and GOP politicians are finally doing some "soul-searching" about the future of the Republican party. We wish them luck. Don't show us your soul-searching -- show us your changed priorities for the country. You can't be the party that seeks the support of 100% of voters, not just the 53% like Mitt Romney, if your policy goal still is to enrich the richest few at the expense of everyone else. You can't be the party of hard work if you still want to cut the retirement and health care benefits that regular Americans earn with every paycheck over a lifetime of work. You can't be the party of the American Dream if you still want to rig our tax code in favor of the already-wealthy over families striving to get into the middle class. You can't be the party of American competitiveness if you still want to cut our investments in education and tilt the playing field in favor of big corporations instead of small businesses and … [Read more...]

Bobby Jindal’s Hope That GOP Would Stop Being the Stupid Party Requires New Conservative Party


Jindal has some nerve. He wants to stop dumbing down his Republican party. If he really wanted a fact based party he would start by stating that supply side economics is a proven failure. The charts correlate perfectly showing that those policies have transferred wealth upward, rewarded capital, and penalized work and innovation. Jindal want the party to start respecting the intelligence of the American citizenry. Yet, they are using their media industrial complex to misinform. After all they are the ones that promoted that climate change is not real, a woman’s body can conceive appropriately by being able to discern legitimate rapes, job creators are the wealthy, tax increases on the rich depresses the economy, and many other fallacies. To undo the misinformation would first begin by the GOP stating they willfully misled the middle class for political and financial gain for the wealthy. Unfortunately that admission would justifiably destroy the party. I would be for the destruction of the party along with … [Read more...]

Romney the Great Manager? Not Nearly as Good as Obama, the Election Proved – Forbes


  In the days since the election we have learned that President Barack Obama‘s campaign had an amazingly advanced and disciplined ground game that knew just what precincts and even voters to target and how to target them, based on polling information that predicted how the vote was going with uncanny precision. Yet Mitt Romney was the man running as the experienced manager, the man whose years running a business uniquely qualified him to run the biggest, most complex organization on earth, the federal government. That was his main, most consistent claim to the office. Now it looks more as if, though he may have been very good at buying and selling companies and extracting profit from them, he wasn’t nearly as good at heading an effective complex organization as President Obama. As a commenter on Andrew Sullivan’s blog summed it up, Obama executed quantifiable long-term plans, adaptable short-term planning, an innovative GOTV initiative and plotted better ad strategies, while Romney had the … [Read more...]

Like Matt Taibbi Many Believe Mitt Romney Would Have Won If Republicans Stuck To Economic Policy


I wish many would understand that both campaigns have very intelligent people working for them. Moreover these people do internal polling throughout the campaign analyzing topics and policies that would get traction. Unfortunately each candidate must respond to the others topics and as such each drives the debate to silly town many a time. It is fact that for some reason conventional wisdom has been that Republicans are the party of the economy inasmuch as all data prove otherwise. The reality is that more jobs have been created, the stock market has gone up more, and social justice has all been under the auspices of Democrats albeit with the help of many moderate Republicans in our most contentious times. I hoped that we would have had a real debate on the totality of our economic system so we could see that disparity and inequality is policy driven, the concerted efforts to destroy unions, unfair taxation, and the corporate pilfering of the nation’s treasury and middle class. Unfortunately instead we got … [Read more...]

President Obama’s touching moment with his reelection team: "I’m Really Proud of All of You."


Congratulations to President Obama’s reelection. The video below is in fact touching. I cannot imagine how he feels as a reelected president in a difficult time where he had a concerted effort underway by the Republicans to destroy him. What I can empathize with is how he feels about those that have helped him achieve something great, something positive in life. If we all simply realize that no one is an island and that everyone’s individual success must be viewed as a shared success. After all we are much more dependent on each other than we generally would like to believe. When one makes that realization conceit and arrogance becomes determination and assertiveness, Always remember there is no “I” in “we”. Remember to acknowledge the good and good deeds of others for in doing that your intrinsic good is exposed. as well. Now that the president has received another four years to accomplish the middle class’ business, it is imperative that Progressives step up to the plate. We must ensure that we build … [Read more...]

Democrats won Presidency, Senate+2, House +~6, Total House popular vote. IT IS A MANDATE


LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies Folks President Obama also won Florida. It was an electoral landslide. Do not allow an alternate state of reality from those that would attempt to marginalize this win. Remember that in 5 out of the last 6 elections the popular votes were won by Democrats. The country is not center right it is center left. If you add up all the popular votes for house seats, Democrats won as well. Gerrymandering is all that has kept the House Republican. The House is essentially governing without a mandate. Democrats have both an electoral and popular mandate. We must now demand policies consummate to our win. http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/2012/results … [Read more...]

Daily Kos: EVIDENCE: 2012 Voting Machine Switching "Obama" vote to "Romney"


One must be concerned if this is a problem throughout the system. I hope folks are checking to make sure what are the results of their vote. These machines are a threat to our democracy because they have no audit trail. Sadly both Republicans and Democrats have been equally responsible for not making this an issue after the 2000 fiasco. Please share this post and tell your sphere of influence that they must be as careful as possible when choosing their candidates and they must review their choices. LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies   Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 08:50 AM CST EVIDENCE: 2012 Voting Machine Switching "Obama" vote to "Romney” by inconditeFollow Not sure if this has been posted here yet, but it just went viral on Reddit. PA voting machine refusing to accept an Obama vote, and changing it to Romney. Some are claiming calibration issues. A commenter addressed this BS claim here: "Miscalibration"? Are you serious? This machine is … [Read more...]

‘I Don’t Want Everybody to Vote’ — The Roots of GOP Voter Suppression (VIDEO)


Does anyone doubt that the long lines to vote in Ohio and Florida are a result of an orchestrated attempt by Republicans to suppress minority and otherwise Democratic vote? This is no accident. Voter suppression has been the little talked about part of Republican doctrine for some time. The new method of voter suppression involves creating laws under the pretense of fighting non-existent voter fraud or limiting time or places for early voting in order to limit the working person’s ability to vote. The video below is clear evidence that this has been part of the psyche of the leaders of the Conservatives for decades. It is only with voter suppression and misinformation that many Americans have either been denied the vote or misled to vote against their own interest. Transparency is the best disinfectant. Make sure to vote and ensure all of those you know vote in their own interest, the interest of their families, and the interest of our nation. LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Visibly Angry Mitt Romney Goes Ballistic Defending Mormon Faith, Flip Flops, Choice, & Abortion


  LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies   Mitt Romney Mormon video goes viral By KATIE GLUECK | 11/5/12 6:31 AM EST Updated: 11/5/12 10:18 AM EST A day before the election, a video that depicts a visibly angry Mitt Romney defending his faith has become a viral hit. The clip, which according to news reports comes from a 2007 conversation the typically reserved GOP presidential candidate had with a conservative Iowa radio talk show host, shows Romney engaging in a theological discussion that touches on subjects ranging from abortion to the second coming of Christ. “I’m not running as a Mormon,” Romney said on the video which has been viewed more than 1 million times. “And I get a little tired of coming on a show like yours and having it [be] all about Mormons.” The host of the show, Jan Mickelson, had pushed Romney to explain how Mormons, adhering to religious texts, could also be pro-abortion rights, the clip revealed. “Let me once again say, I understand my faith … [Read more...]