GOP: While wasting tax dollars on Benghazi reopen Beirut Marine Barracks attack that killed 241 Americans

Michael Wilde Benghazi Beirut

Anyone watching Republicans continue to waste tax dollars on the tragic Benghazi incident must wonder why this same diligence was not applied real substantive breaches of American trust. The traditional media continue to allow a false narrative giving it an undeserved plausibility. Coffee Party USA member Michael Wilde has simply had it. He decided to […]

Why the SCOTUS Decision in Hobby Lobby Should Scare Us All

Mindy Smoak on Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case

Coffee Party USA member Mindy Smoak sent me an essay/article she wrote after the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case debacle. “As a Coffee Party member, I am just sharing my opinion and voice,” Mindy Smoak said, “hoping it can provide some thought and ideas.” I get a lot of request from Coffee Party USA members […]

Meet Cameron Michaels, Coffee Party Director & Frugal Gourmet Cook Serving Country


Cameron Michaels is a United States Army veteran. He is a devoted father, husband, son, grandson, entrepreneur, and political activist. He is an alumnus of the American Boy Choir School, environmentalist, a bagpiper, singing waiter, and chef. He wants to see America be all that it could be and was meant to be. Cameron is […]

Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies– Debilyn Molineaux and Sally Swisher Subbing Sat 12–2PM CST


Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies Saturday 12:00 Noon Central/1:00 PM Eastern Call In, talk and/or Listen: (646) 929-2495 Listen On Computer/Smartphone Live/Podcast: HERE This week’s show Debilyn Molineaux and Sally Swisher will guest host while Egberto attends the Coffee Party USA Board un-Retreat.  There is SOOO much that has happened this week, we couldn’t […]

Coffee Party Board Meeting in Washington DC Redefining & Reiterating Local & National Goals


The Coffee Party USA is currently meeting in Washington DC. In attendance are Board President Eric Byler, Board Vice President and Campaigns & Action Director Egberto Willies, Secretary and Director John Cashon, Treasurer and Director Jeanene Louden, Internet Infrastructure Director, Development Director Cameron Kruger, Pathways to Participation Director DeLann Williams, At-Large Director Dan Aranson, and […]

Coffee Party’s Discussion On Congressman’s Statement On Race Based Policy Opposition


I posted one of my blog posts to our Coffee Party Facebook page today titled “Republican: ‘Good Politics To Oppose The Black Guy’ While Country Suffers”. The piece references a Huffington Post article I found that referenced a January interview done by South Carolina State Representative Kris Crawford. Crawford stated that unlike many of his […]

Virginia 2012: Polling place ordeal at the most African American precinct in Prince William County


by Eric Byler River Oaks Precinct is the most African American precinct, in the most diverse district, of the only majority minority county in Northern Virginia: Prince William County. On Nov. 6, 2012, the polling place at Potomac Middle School did not register its last vote until 10:45 pm, nearly four hours after polls officially […]