March 31, 2015

2014 Coffee Party USA Board meets in Boulder Colorado (VIDEO)

Coffee Party Board of Directors

2014 Coffee Party USA Board – Where we are going Coffee Party USA board members are required to meet in person once a year. This year Coffee Party USA  held its yearly in person board meeting in Boulder, Colorado. Whenever one tries to herd 7 or 12 board members in one place, something always goes wrong. This time was no different. Jeanene Louden, Debilyn Molineaux, and Egberto Willies arrived before noon on Thursday. They had lunch and then checked into the home rented for the retreat. After discussing Coffee Party USA history for a few hours, it was time to visit Coffee Party USA Denver. Coffee Party USA board meeting with Coffee Party Denver Coffee Party Denver Niccolo Casewit invited the board to the meeting. Many question were asked and answered about many Coffee Party USA events, grievances, and actions. The meeting went extremely well and ended with hugs and backslaps.  Steve Justino of Move to Amend also attended the meeting. He was interested in collaborating with Coffee Party USA to use … [Read more...]

GOP: While wasting tax dollars on Benghazi reopen Beirut Marine Barracks attack that killed 241 Americans

Michael Wilde Benghazi Beirut

Anyone watching Republicans continue to waste tax dollars on the tragic Benghazi incident must wonder why this same diligence was not applied real substantive breaches of American trust. The traditional media continue to allow a false narrative giving it an undeserved plausibility. Coffee Party USA member Michael Wilde has simply had it. He decided to remind us all that investigations that should have taken place with the Benghazi type of scrutiny did not. Benghazi vs Beirut by Michael Wilde On October 3, 1983, a truck full of explosives hit the Marine Barracks at the airport in Beirut, Lebanon. The Marines were ordered there by then president Ronald Reagan. The result was 241 American service men killed: 220 Marines, 18 Sailors, and 3 Soldiers. Wounded: 128. Of those wounded, 13 would later die of their injuries and are counted among the dead. This was the biggest single day loss of Marines since Iwo Jima 1945. The fact is these Marines should not have been in this position. The Marines … [Read more...]

Why the SCOTUS Decision in Hobby Lobby Should Scare Us All

Mindy Smoak on Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case

Coffee Party USA member Mindy Smoak sent me an essay/article she wrote after the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case debacle. “As a Coffee Party member, I am just sharing my opinion and voice,” Mindy Smoak said, “hoping it can provide some thought and ideas.” I get a lot of request from Coffee Party USA members and many writers at large to publish pieces on my blog. I rarely do for several reasons. Mindy Smoak did not ask that her piece be published. Instead she said she was ranting and simply wanted to provide her organization with thoughts and ideas by voicing her opinion. Suffice it to say I enjoyed her thoughts and opinions and asked her for permission to post for all to see. She graciously told me to do so. Please read it, share it, and let us know your thoughts and opinions. This will be covered on Coffee Party USA Blog Talk Radio show today at noon Central Standard time. You can stream live or listen to the podcast here. Why the SCOTUS Decision in Hobby Lobby Should Scare Us All by Mindy … [Read more...]

Meet Cameron Michaels, Coffee Party Director & Frugal Gourmet Cook Serving Country


Cameron Michaels is a United States Army veteran. He is a devoted father, husband, son, grandson, entrepreneur, and political activist. He is an alumnus of the American Boy Choir School, environmentalist, a bagpiper, singing waiter, and chef. He wants to see America be all that it could be and was meant to be. Cameron is not just talking about the problems in America. He is doing something about it. He served his country in the military. He is serving his country by being an integral part of business in its economy. And he is serving his country by being a party of Coffee Party USA. Cameron knows that there are many ways to serve and he has chosen many. Cameron Michaels has been a member of Coffee Party for some time now. He was instrumental in Coffee Party’s new Internet and Social Media Infrastructure that is leveraging the Coffee Party base to have material impact on politicians in Washington and throughout the United States of America. Cameron blog is Poliblogz.com. Cameron says: I am in favor of … [Read more...]

Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies– Debilyn Molineaux and Sally Swisher Subbing Sat 12–2PM CST


Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies Saturday 12:00 Noon Central/1:00 PM Eastern Call In, talk and/or Listen: (646) 929-2495 Listen On Computer/Smartphone Live/Podcast: HERE This week’s show Debilyn Molineaux and Sally Swisher will guest host while Egberto attends the Coffee Party USA Board un-Retreat.  There is SOOO much that has happened this week, we couldn't settle on just one or two topics and decided that a potpouri of current events was in order. Here are a few starter topics:   Obama offering to cut Social Security cost of living raises, the "Grand Bargain?" Arkansas Oil Spill - environment & media failures Plan B over the counter? US Post Office, the unrealistic expectations causing the "loss" Don't Do Koch - updates and upcoming events CRUSHING Student Debt Fast Food Strike in NYC … [Read more...]

Coffee Party Board Meeting in Washington DC Redefining & Reiterating Local & National Goals


The Coffee Party USA is currently meeting in Washington DC. In attendance are Board President Eric Byler, Board Vice President and Campaigns & Action Director Egberto Willies, Secretary and Director John Cashon, Treasurer and Director Jeanene Louden, Internet Infrastructure Director, Development Director Cameron Kruger, Pathways to Participation Director DeLann Williams, At-Large Director Dan Aranson, and At-Large Director Michael Charney. Board members got into an impromptu discussions on goals as well as on the nation ills on Thursday as different members arrived at staggered times. Internet Infrastructure, local chapter engagements and other issues were discussed in an informal manner. This morning as the meeting progresses, the Mission Statements is been enhanced to reflect what has been done and many larger issues Coffee Party will be engaged in. Update: We completed the afternoon of the first day coming up with seven major goals to ensure Coffee Party’s mission continues. After dinner past … [Read more...]

Coffee Party’s Discussion On Congressman’s Statement On Race Based Policy Opposition


I posted one of my blog posts to our Coffee Party Facebook page today titled “Republican: ‘Good Politics To Oppose The Black Guy’ While Country Suffers”. The piece references a Huffington Post article I found that referenced a January interview done by South Carolina State Representative Kris Crawford. Crawford stated that unlike many of his fellow Republicans, he supported the measure to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  He however predicted that he would be the dissenting voice in his party. He suggested that his Republican colleagues knew they benefitted from opposing President Obama’s policies specifically because of his race.  Crawford stated “The politics are going to overwhelm the policy," Crawford said. "It is good politics to oppose the black guy in the White House right now, especially for the Republican Party." I wrote the piece because I strongly believe that Crawford did America a service. He said what many knew but refused to … [Read more...]

The Third Reconstruction


The Third Reconstruction Posted by Eric Byler January 27, 2013 We traveled to Durham, NC and met with Rev. William Barber — President of the North Carolina NAACP — in early January, 2013 to ask him why he thinks America is so divided today. He told us this Story of America putting our current political conflicts over voter ID laws into historical context: In Rev. Barber's view, we are currently going through the third reconstruction. The first Reconstruction took place after the Civil War. Fusion politics — a governing coalition including Lincoln Republicans, freedmen and former slaves, and populists — made it possible for former slaves to become business, community, and political leaders. But fusion politics was snuffed out by a violent backlash, and replaced by Jim Crow laws that blocked African Americans from voting through poll taxes, impossible "tests," and terrorism. In the 1960s, there was another attempt at reconstruction, better known as the Civil Rights Movement. The … [Read more...]

Virginia 2012: Polling place ordeal at the most African American precinct in Prince William County


by Eric Byler River Oaks Precinct is the most African American precinct, in the most diverse district, of the only majority minority county in Northern Virginia: Prince William County. On Nov. 6, 2012, the polling place at Potomac Middle School did not register its last vote until 10:45 pm, nearly four hours after polls officially close. According to Woodbridge District Supervisor Frank Principi, Virginia law requires that one voting machine be assigned per 750 registered voters. By contrast, Maryland law requires one voting machine per 200 registered voters. This polling place did not appear to adhere to Virginia's law, with only six voting machines and over 5,000 registered voters. Occoquan District Supervisor Michael May included in his post-election newsletter an official statement from the Prince William County Electoral Board. It reads in part, "We would like to make clear that The Office of Voter Registration and Elections has been fully funded by the Board of County Supervisors. No budget … [Read more...]

Middle Class Compete w/Super PACs? HELL NO. Money Used To Purchase Our Government Obscene #InvoicetheSuperPac


It is sad that what used to be the bastion of democracy is no more. I decided to see exactly what kind of monies went into the 2012 election and decided to visit OpenSecrets.org to check what each Super PAC gave throughout the election. I must admit, I knew there was a lot of money involved. Watching the different groups that were just throwing money at the election made me not only sick, but resolved to do something about it even more so than I already was. While Conservative PACs seemed to have the larger volume of dollars mostly from a few billionaires, Liberal groups are culprits in this matter as well. What is fact is that neither is serving us well as the monies involved are all for corporate interest disguised as free speech. It is time that we stop feeling ourselves the victims of this obscene attack and start effecting change, not by a continuum of talk, but action. Over the next several weeks, Coffee Party USA and other groups that will be mentioned in other posts will be effecting actions for … [Read more...]