March 29, 2015

My Democratic Convention Round Up–Tell me what you think


Democratic National Convention–Charlotte, NC VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL This was my first Democratic National Convention and to say the least I had a blast. I enjoyed every moment of it. The Texas Delegation was awesome. I can say one thing with certainty, everyone who left that convention left with the resolve to win. This will not be a win just for winning. The resolve is there because we realize the middle class needs a win for change. It needs a win for its survival. The … [Read more...]

Democratic Convention Day 4 (Last Day)


Thursday is our big day. It is the day that our President Barack Obama takes center stage. One could detect a new enthusiasm all over the convention and specifically in the Texas Delegation. Yesterday I interviewed random delegates and posted it in my Day 3 blog post. Today I wanted to discuss President Obama’s signature accomplishment, The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). What was wonderful was to have three Democratic congresspersons willing to talk about it and defend it. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee gave a passionate defense and support of the bill. I asked her why it was that this type of personalized defense was not put forth throughout the debate. She told me to make sure I kept blogging about it. Both Congressman Gene Green & Congressman Al Green gave a spirited defense of the bills as well. Congressman Al Green expressed the defense in moral terms while Congressman Gene Green expressed it more in economic terms. LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies Michelle Obama … [Read more...]

Coffee Party Radio: Democratic Convention–Middle Class Rescue Sat 12–2PM Central

Egberto Willies Radio Politics Done Right

Click to listen to PODCAST Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies   Saturday 12:00 Noon Central/1:00 PM Eastern Call In, talk and/or Listen: (646) 929-2495 What a difference a week makes. I attended the entire Democratic Convention. I was able to attend all the speeches every day the convention was in session. The enthusiasm in the arena was electric. What is a certainty is that Democrats seemed to have learned a lesson from the Republicans. Do not lie. To be honest I heard a few exaggerations on a few issues but I did not hear not hear any lies.Most importantly I saw a party that genuinely is working for middle class centric policies. This week I will cover the following topics. Democratic Convention Day 1 Democratic Convention Day 1 (Part 2) Democratic Convention Day 2 – I Met Julian Castro, The Keynote Speaker … [Read more...]

Democratic Convention Day 3


Day 3 was going to be the night. After-all, President Clinton was going to speak. It was an eventful day. The day started with a talk from one of my favorite Texans, former Texas Agriculture Commissioner & Proud Liberal Progressive Jim Hightower. After he was done speaking I asked him for a short interview. Inasmuch as he was running late for his flight out of Charlotte, he said he would do it. He gave a great interview in standard Jim Hightower form. After that interview I wanted to get the pulse of the Texas delegation relative to their experience at this convention. Michelle had given a great speech and one could feel the enthusiasm that still resonated. I asked a cross section of the delegation to tell me a little bit about how they felt and they did not disappoint. Check out the interviews here and here. When I got off the bus at the convention center there was a a misinformed protester shouting that Obama was going to destroy Israel. I wanted to get to The PPL early but I had to stop and engage … [Read more...]

President Obama’s Speech A Plea For A Middle Class Call To Action


I was in the Arena at the Democratic Convention listening to President Obama’s speech. While I liked the speech I was not at all emotionally moved by it. The reality is that is a very good thing. Speeches that move people in the moment are usually speeches that can be very ineffective in the long run as those moved by those speeches are disillusioned by the unfulfilled lofty aspirations and expectations. As such I believe this speech fits that of a second term presidential candidate with many unfulfilled tasks. President Obama had to have had three specific pieces of information that he needed stamped into the heads of Americans if he wants their vote. This was accomplished but must be reinforced as the Republican misinformation and effective lying machine is ramped into high gear. The president had to force a large part of the American populace that have a short attention span and a short memory to recall the fears they all had of a potential economic collapse and the negative effect it would have had on … [Read more...]

Democratic Convention Day 2 – I Met Julian Castro, The Keynote Speaker


Day 2 of the convention was extremely eventful. It started on a lighter moment when I went outside to wait for the bus to take me downtown. There I met Heather Ross from Austin Texas who was sporting a very intriguing hat. While standing outside with her I met another young lady who heard my accent and asked where I was from. When I told her Panamá she immediately called up her girlfriend whose parents were both Panamanians. I decided to interview both of them for my CNN iReport channel. But I digress, before going to the bus I was entertained by a man named Charles E. Lyons who is associated with the history of the Buffalo Soldier. He came dressed for the occasion and provided me with a very long story about the Buffalo Soldiers. He had a particular take on the “Buffalo Soldier’s” relation to Abraham Lincoln. He called them Abraham Lincoln’s Weapon of Mass Destruction. All in all he seemed very knowledgeable but he was quite a character. While waiting for the bus I was honored to meet and speak to District … [Read more...]

Democratic Convention – Erica Pines Explains What Being A Democrat Means


I watched Erica Pines give a hell of an interview to a Japanese TV station about what it meant to be a Democrat and in these times why it was essential that a Democrat and specifically President Obama be reelected. After watching her interview and asked her to give me a two minute version. More Democrats must feel the empowerment and have the strength of conviction Erica has. After-all the current Democratic Party is the party that best reflects the values of the middle class and in that the values of America. After the interview we spoke a bit more about what these delegates were committed to do to ensure that not only President Obama is elected but that many more Democrats make it to the House of Representatives and Congress. LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Democratic Convention Day 1 (Part 2)


This is an addendum to the first day blog. After leaving The PPL last night Coffee Party’s founder called and asked to meet at an Asian American event. On the way there CJ Farley (Clear Lake Democrats President) and I stopped at the CNN Grill and Nnedike Ugoji, one of the iReport producers recognized me and invited us in. You cannot say no to a free meal with a great company. I got a chance to talk to Alex Castellanos, my favorite Republican Pundit nemesis. We got a chance to have some small talk in Spanish (una charla en español). I told him that tomorrow I wanted to interview him on his views. It was late and he was leaving the CNN Grill. He said if I could get there between takes he would do it. It is a mad house out here and just getting around is an issue. After our detour to the CNN Grill we headed over to the Whiskey River at the Epicenter to meet Annabel. We spoke about her trip to Korea and some new forms of activism she will be engaged in. She is working on another documentary. It seems looming … [Read more...]

Democratic Convention Day 1


First of all, Charlotte is a beautiful city. The welcome from the city has been extremely warm. From the time I got off of the airplane the folks have been nice and helpful. I flew not knowing how I was going to get to the hotel. They were helpful in getting me on the right buses all with a smile. Now I have one issue. The Supreme Being is an equal opportunity offender. It is raining off and on. I was told it was the remnants of hurricane Isaac.  Do not quote me on that. Anyway I got to the hotel and as I walked in Marc Croes, the Kingwood Area Democrats Membership Director was walking in as well. We went and got me some credentials. Marc went to rest and I went to town. To say the least it is quite eventful. The enthusiasm of the delegates is extremely high. The young lady pictured here rode on my bus and I simply had to get that picture. I cannot recall her name right now but she is with the San Antonio delegation. She was quite familiar with our delegation as she has worked for State Senator … [Read more...]