April 18, 2015

I got under NewsBusters’ skin again. I am labeled a Lefty Blogger

NewsBusters Egberto Willies Lefty Blogger

I guess NewsBusters must be periodically monitoring my blogs. First they picked up my story about  Fox News being a clear and present danger.Then they picked up my story stating that Syria was not the war to fight but instead with much that ills our democracy. This week they decided to tackle my article about bloggers becoming the real news media. Daily Kos: Lefty Bloggers Are the Antidote to Conservative-Enabling Old Media Liberals often complain about the mainstream media's unwillingness to state that many right-wing talking points are (supposedly) bogus and even bizarre. One such liberal, media critic Eric Alterman, wrote last year that "[o]ver and over, no matter what the issue—no matter how outlandish, illogical, or simply untrue the conservative argument has been—journalists create a sense of false equivalence between positions that rest on data and logic and those that don’t." This past Sunday, Daily Kos featured writer Egberto Willies blasted the MSM for failing to expose alleged GOP lies … [Read more...]

KPLCtv quotes me from a year old CNN iReport on Pope Benedict

KPLCtv CNN iReport

I use Google Alerts to keep me aware of what’s being said about me or my blog on the Internet or throughout social media. I think everyone who does a lot of blogging or posting on the Internet should. You don’t want to find out that your reputation has been destroyed after the fact. CNN iReport revived. Usually I get several hits a day because of the stuff I write at my site, the DailyKos, and Addicting Info. This one however was shocking because it actually referenced this CNN iReport I did exactly one year ago. It was about Pope Benedict’s resignation. As an aide to John Paul, Benedict served as a strict enforcer of his conservative social doctrine. To no one's surprise, he continued to espouse a conservative doctrine after taking the office himself. He frequently warned of a "dictatorship of relativism." "In a world which he considered relativist and secular and so on, his main thrust was to re-establish a sense of Catholic identity for Catholics themselves," said Delia Gallagher, contributing editor … [Read more...]

Occupy Kingwood Makes Its Last Stand–Kingwood Observer 2012-01-02


Occupy Kingwood has finally received coverage in our local newspaper, the Kingwood Observer. The event has been occurring for 52 consecutive weeks at the corner of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Boulevard. It is called an informational Occupy tasked with informing our very conservative community of the realities of the corruption in our politics. The sign says it all “Why is it easier to believe that 150,000,000 Americans are lazy rather than 400 Americans are being greedy”. It is easier to believe because the mainstream media has successfully pushed the agenda of moneyed interest that have successfully developed a plausible narrative that allows Americans to vote against their own interest and the interest of the community and the country. LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

I was a guest on HuffPost Live Today Discussing 4 Front Page Topics (VIDEO)


I was a guest on HuffPost Live today. We were discussing 4 articles they emailed us before the show. Sound Off On Debates The Community sounds off with Ahmed Shihab-Eldin on Obama's explanation of his debate performance and how a Pro-Life Congressman asked his mistress to get an abortion. Originally aired on October 10, 2012 Articles DEBATES: Obama On Debate: 'I Was Just Too Polite' READ: Congressman Encourages Abortion POLITICS: John Boenher, DOMA Defender SPORTS: Lance Armstrong Doping Guests Daniel Johnson (Bowling Green, OH) Founder, People Against The NDAA @PandaUnite Egberto Willies (Kingwood, TX) Blogger and Author and Political Activist @EgbertoWillies Reniqua Allen (Englewood, NJ) Freelance Journalist and Fellow at the New America Foundation @rnz1 Supriya Dwivedi (Montreal, Canada) Blogger at HuffPost Canada and Policy Analyst at the Centre of Genomics and Policy @supriyadwivedi LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

CNN Picked Up One Of My iReport Quotes On The Presidential Debate


I am still riled up about the debate. I really have mixed feelings on President Obama’s performance and passivity. I racked my brain last night and came up with what I believe is the only plausible answer as we know our president knows the material inside out and he knows the severe flaws of Mitt Romney, his hypocrisy, insincerity, and lack of empathy. I wrote the piece “President Obama’s Fear of the Angry Black Man Label Loses the Debate On Style But Wins On Facts” Now folks, the president need surrogates. He needs folks who work on the personal level with people where the unrelenting corporate dispersal of misinformation can be mitigated. If you really want a democracy you have to fight for it. The Plutocracy does not just wither away, it requires that the middle class reclaim it and take it. LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies Debate or debacle? Democrats let down, Republicans energized Thursday, October 04, 2012 The first debate between President Barack Obama and Republican … [Read more...]

Christian defaces Obama sign w/ ‘nig**r lover’, local GOP apologizes


  Christian defaces Obama sign w/ 'nig**r lover', local GOP apologizes More details have emerged about the small business owner in McKinney, Texas who had her Obama 2012 sign vandalized with "NIG**R LOVER, and Obama Sucks Dick!" on one side and "Romney & Ryan" "Christian, white, anti-gay" and finally "Republicans rule!" on the other side. Her sign was later stolen from her yard, and the local GOP leadership apologized profusely bringing hope and helping to teach a lesson to all involved. The story was originally broken by Egberto Willies and quickly became national news. Many shook their heads in disgust at this as just another example of the divisiveness of this election season and of politics in general. As it happens the owner of the sign, who for privacy reasons only wishes to be known as Cassy, is a member of the political discussion forum I administrate. Cassy is an active and proud Democrat. She wrote: I support the President … [Read more...]

Romney supporter in Texas defaces yard sign: ‘N*gger lover… Obama sucks d*ck’ | The Raw Story


  Romney supporter in Texas defaces yard sign: ‘N*gger lover… Obama sucks d*ck’ By David Edwards Monday, September 24, 2012 10:41 EDT A Woman in Texas says that a person who appears to support Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney vandalized her pro-Obama yard sign with racist and vulgar language. Cassy, a 34-year-old white business owner in McKinney, Texas, revealed on Friday that someone had covered her Obama yard sign with the message: “N*GGER LOVER — Obama Sucks Dick!” The back side of the sign was covered with, “Romney & Ryan: Christian. White. Anti-Gay. Republicans Rule!” “My next door neighbor rang my doorbell this morning and showed me my sign, which he had kindly removed from the ground,” Cassy told blogger Egberto Willies. “We have at least 4 African American families living on this street. I’m so offended, not just because whoever did this is ignorant and misinformed and trespassed and vandalized my sign, but infinitely more for my neighbors who might have … [Read more...]

Kingwood Area Democrat Egberto Willies Featured In Houston Chronicle


Today I was honored to be featured in the Houston Chronicle. I want to stress that absent the hard work of ALL our Kingwood Area Democrats our growth and visibility would not have come to fruition. We intend to continue growing and offering ALL our families, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors of whatever political stripe the opportunity to dialog and who knows, maybe even join us to move the country forward. Visit our website (http://KingwoodAreaDemocrats.org), our blog (http://KADBlog.org), or our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/241570476849/). Look out for our ads in both the Observer and the Tribune newspapers. Given that it is our belief that real factual messaging is not reported, we have decided to pay the newspapers to print fact based information that anyone can research on their own. If you are so inclined, please donate at our website to help keep our community informed. Kingwood Area Democrats along with other progressive groups can be found at the corner of Kingwood Drive and … [Read more...]

Members of HoustonPBS – Red, White and Blue Advisory Board


  Red, White and Blue Advisory Board About the Red, White and Blue Advisory Board: As a partner with the communities it serves, the weekly political affairs program Red, White and Blue receives input from the Red, White and Blue Advisory Board comprised of volunteer representatives from the Greater Houston Area. These Panel members advise on show topics based on the programming needs and interests of the public, and maintain a pro-active role with Houston Public Media and the community at large. Members of the Red, White and Blue Advisory Board Imad F. Abdullah Dr. Dina Alsowayel Natalie Anceneaux Sanders Anderson Chris Begala Paul Bettencourt Mike Espinoza Lisa Falkenberg Jan Fox Paul Galloway Sylvia Garcia Margo Ellen Gillman Christina Canales Gorczynski John Canales Gorczynski Darrin Hall Claudia Ortega Hogue David Jennings Stephen Klineberg Charles Kuffner Jim McGrath … [Read more...]

Fox News’ Juan Williams and Son Criticized After Homecoming Visit to Panama


Fox News’ Juan Williams and Son Criticized After Homecoming Visit to Panama By Bruno Gaston, International Editor ATLANTA, July 21, 2012, 6 p.m. - Panamanian activists from the city of Colón are not thrilled with the description of their city offered by political consultant, Raphael Williams who is the son of Fox News contributor, Juan Williams. Speaking to Fox and Friends anchor, Brian Kilmeade on the fourth of July, Williams talked about the poverty he witnessed during the visit with his father who recounted his parents fleeing a dictatorship decades ago when he was a child. “It was amazing to me when we went to a church where he was baptized and they had their gold cross stolen…you know the kind of desperateness of these people...and then we went to his [Juan] apartment and I saw five people cramped up into these tiny three room apartments with cockroaches on the floor and bars on the windows,” Raphael said. “He [Juan] always worked with this kind of energy that I had never understood … [Read more...]