March 27, 2015

My Interview by Freelance Journalist Talia Whyte at Netroots Nation 2012


I was interviewed several times at Netroots Nation 2012. Tara Whyte is a freelance journalist who has reported on issues related to social justice, media and technology for over 10 years. Her work can be found in the Houston Chronicle, The Progressive, theGrio.com, The Boston Globe, MSNBC, PBS, Al Jazeera, among many others. Please view her Linkedin page here. She is also principal of Global Wire Associates, a new media consulting firm that promotes innovative communication for advancing social justice. She is also the co-author of Digital Activism Decoded: The New Mechanics of Change. Talia interviewed several attendees of the conference. My interview occurs at minute 8:05. Follow @EgbertoWillies Mic Check from Netroots Nation Published June 12, 2012 Global Wire Associates Netroots Nations made its way to Providence, Rhode Island June 7-10, 2012 and I had a chance to talk to some attendees about the importance of online activism today. Mic Check from Netroots Nation « … [Read more...]

Open Letter To Netroots Nation Panelists Lisa Donner, Matthew Yglesias, Karl Smith, & Mike Konczal


Netroots Nation 2012 list of panels shows that they are serious in pushing the proper socio-economic-political direction of the country. More importantly it provides the factual basis for the reasons we should adopt a progressive direction with fact based themes. One of the panels I most wanted to attend was titled “Why the Fed is the Most Important Economic Issue You Know Nothing About”. The panelists were Lisa Donner (FinancialReformNow), Matthew Yglesias (MattYglesias), Karl Smith (@ModeledBehavior), & Mike Konczal (@RortyBomb). Every single person on this panel was very knowledgeable on our current economic system. Every single panelist understood that the current banking sector has failed America. Most bloggers and activist that have invested their time and money to come to Netroots Nation are coming to network with other bloggers and activists. Most importantly they want to leave learning and increasing their knowledge on relevant subjects. Most importantly they want a call to action that … [Read more...]

Netroots Nation 2012: Paul Krugman Analysis The Current State Of Economy


Paul Krugman provides analysis on the current state of the economy. LIKE My Facebook Page – Visit My Blog: EgbertoWillies.com Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Netroots Nation 2012: Howard Dean stump speech and first tweet


Howard Dean gave a pep rally at Netroots Nation 2012 and then proceeded to tweet his first tweet from @GovHowardDean.         My Books– Follow Me– Visit Me … [Read more...]

Netroots Nation 2012: Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. on White Privilege Conference


As I walked the exhibit floor at Netroots Nation 2012 I was first taken aback by a black man sitting in under a sign that said White Privilege Conference. I stopped and engage in a very enlightening conversation with Eddie Moore Jr. Interesting enough as a member of the Move to Amend executive committee, that subject came up during our executive meeting in Eugene Oregon. While David Cobb, one of the executive committee members and our main spokesperson was insistent that we take into account the concept which is much more complex than it sounds, that complexity had me hesitant to immediately support it as I thought it made race too much of an issue that might detract from our core message. LIKE My Facebook Page – Visit My Blog: EgbertoWillies.com Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Netroots Nation 2012: Van Jones Keynote Speech


Van Jones gave an excellent speech at Netroots Nation 2012. He hit the major points on what in the view of many progressives are the issues of consequence. The room was electric for the entire closing event. Elon James gave us comedic relief with his brand of funny sarcasm with a heavy dose of reality. At the end of his speech, Van Jones announced that Netroots Nation 2013 will be in San Jose California. LIKE My Facebook Page – Visit My Blog: EgbertoWillies.comFollow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Why Can’t We Get Our Message Across? It Is About Framing The Narrative


I am at Netroots Nation 2012 right now in a session titled “How Progressives Get Narrative Wrong and How To Get It Right”. This is something we are talk about at Coffee Party USA and many other activist organizations I work with. An idea like “we want an economy that works for everyone” is fine. However that does not get to the heart. It is not the right narrative. We know that trickle-down economics is a clear and present danger to every middle class American. However people do not think in those terms. They think with the heart. They think subjectively. Liberals know that currently their values and policies are provably better for the middle class because these policies ensure deterministic equal access to success (not equal outcome). Conservative policies as codified by Paul Ryan’s budget are provably Darwinistic. Why then is there a difficulty in conveying this absolute truth? We are not connecting with peoples’ stories. We are just being analytical. Archie Bunker in the sitcom “All in the Family” … [Read more...]