March 28, 2015

Watch Women Campaign Forum(WCF) At Netroots Nation


Netroots Nation meant a lot to the Women’s Campaign Forum this year because of you. You joined hundreds of other attendees in pledging to support pro-choice women leaders in government. You cheered our endorsed-candidates at our breakfast. You celebrated your own political ambitions at our recruitment training. You shared your frustration with misogyny in the media at our panel. Quite simply, you made this year’s Netroots Nation the best conference yet. You and I know that at times it feels like the cards are stacked against us; that the challenges we face in achieving representation for women in government feel insurmountable. Just last year, we saw the first backslide in women’s representation in government in over 30 years. For those reasons and more, your support at Netroots means a lot to WCF. That’s why we created this video of WCF’s time at Netroots to capture your amazing support for pro-choice women in government. I hope you enjoy our video, and that it means as much to you as it does … [Read more...]

My Netroots Nation Experience


I had a wonderful time at Netroots Nation 2011. It was very informative. Every Liberal and/or Progressive activist should make this a yearly conference to be attended. The breakout sessions were invaluable. Learning how to improve on engaging communities both online and offline, learning in how to get news coverage, learning how to engage minority communities that are an important segment of our base, and much more was covered. We even discussed southern strategies given the GOP dominance in the region. In addition to simply networking with other working activists this conference served the purpose of having person to person conversations with our leading politicians and their staff. Meeting potential challengers to Republican representatives provided a connection to that should assist them in getting their message out through alternative media, the bloggers and online new sources. Al Franken – Minnesota Senator & previous talk radio host at Air America Radio. He gave Sam Seder Of … [Read more...]

Women’s Campaign Forum President Siobhan “Sam” Bennett At Netroots Nation On Electing Women


The Women's Campaign Forum (WCF), a nonprofit non-partisan organization focused on electing women had a breakfast that focused on women candidates for office. It presented one of the better breakouts at Netroots Nation in that it gave researched information to candidates on how to fight attacks that women from all parties usually face. Siobhan “Sam” Bennett opened the floor to three distinguished women. Greenville MS Mayor Heather McTeer who is running for Congress in Mississippi District 2, Tarryl Clark who is running for Congress in Minnesota District 8, and Krystal Ball who ran in Virginia District 1. Each of the above mentioned women had a story to tell. Their similarity relative to sexism was astounding. Sam Bennett detailed how women should handle it. Additionally she is encouraging women to run in mass in elections throughout the country. She had a very telling statistic. On average even Conservative Republican women vote more Progressive than Democratic or Republican male politicians. That is … [Read more...]

Tarryl Clark Tells Her Story About Challenging Michelle Bachman in 2010 & Encouraging Women To Run


Tarryl Clark came to Netroots Nation to tell her story about women running for political office. She ran against Michelle Bachmann. During her campaign against Bachmann she raised a credible $5 million dollars from the grass roots. Unfortunately Michelle Bachmann spent $11 million dollars and went negative from day one of the campaign. It would have been difficult anyway in 2010 as it was one of those tsunami years that swept away any candidate in marginal districts. Tarryl Clark is an endorsed candidate of the Women’s Campaign Forum (WCF). After listening to her at Netroots Nation it is obvious why. She demonstrated a poise and even headedness that everyone wants in the politician representing them. Once you listened to her speaking a most important quality is immediately evident, her selflessness. When a negative mailer hit the citizens in the district she was campaigning for, her first thought was not the campaign; it was her children. How was this going to affect her boys? I am sure if she was … [Read more...]

Greenville MS Mayor Heather McTeer Challenges Powerful Mississippi District 2 Congressman Bennie Thompson


One of the most informative breakouts at Netroots Nation was the breakfast sponsored by the Women’s Campaign (WCF). There we met several women that had run or are running for national political office. One could not help but be impressed by Heather McTeer. Heather McTeer is the mayor of Greenville Mississippi. She has been the mayor there for the last 8 years. She was the first and youngest African American woman to be mayor of a city in Mississippi. She was only 27 when she became mayor. Mayor McTeer has received the endorsement of the WCF to run against the powerful Congressman Bennie Thompson who is the ranking member of the Homeland security committee, founding member of the Progressive Caucus, and member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Mayor McTeer is running partly because she does not believe that long serving politicians are performing their elected duty to serve their constituents. After listening to the passion she articulates and the conviction to serving in Mississippi it is incumbent … [Read more...]

Congress Krystal Ball Telling Her Story of Sexism At Netroots Nation (VIDEO)


Kystal Ball came to Netroots Nation to tell her story about the extreme sexism she endured during her run for Congress in Virginia. She said she endure a lot of misogyny but she wanted to speak specifically on what occurred when a Republican blogger dug up some old college pictures and posted it. While her advisors had suggested that she either deny the pictures were of her or to simply not talk about it, the Women’s Campaign Forum (WCF) told her to immediately go in front of the cameras and tell the truth about the pictures and to specify the sexist nature of the release. The President of the WCF explained that while these sexist events usually initially drops the female candidate’s poll numbers, if the female candidate immediately confronts the issue and specifically call it out as sexist, she ultimately gets a poll bump. Krystal Ball did just that. She gave interviews and confronted the issue directly. While she did not win her election, the dynamics of the 2010 wave was likely more causal than … [Read more...]

Netroots Nation Keynote Address By Minnesota Rep Keith Ellison #NN11


Minnesota Democratic Representative Keith Ellison gave a great keynote speech. He made a very important point to the Netroots that I hope resonated in the room and I hope it will resonate throughout the country. The “Yes We Can Movement” did not start with President Obama. It was in effect from the instantiation of Governor Dean’s 50 state strategy. President Obama was the right vessel and continues to be the right vessel however banged, to continue the fight given his pragmatic view of the country. That said it is incumbent on the real Progressives to keep the pressure on the Obama administration even as they campaign, blog, donate, and support his re-election with the necessary passion to bring him and in that light us victory in November 2012. No movement must depend on the success or failure of one man. Reinstituting real progressive values in this country that supports the middle class is dependent on all progressive including the President and not just the President.   … [Read more...]

Jill Sobule Netroots Nation 2011 When They Say They Want Their America Back, What The F@#$ Does It Mean #NN11


I saw this performance live at Netroots Nation 2011. In as much as it is funny on the Youtube video, being in the audience listening to it live was a blast. The reaction in the room was of initial shock because we did not expect the F-bomb. It does however fit the context of the subject. Walking out of that room everyone was just talking not only about the F-Bomb but when broken down as Jill illustrated how petty and silly the Right is. Can someone tell them that in this country everyone except the natives who were thrown on reservation immigrants or descendants on immigrants? When will we see that America is the place where anyone who is looking for something better is trying to get to? The genesis of this country should be considered the codification of this value.   … [Read more...]

Democratic Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz At Netroots Nation 2011


We had the honor of having the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party Debbi Wasserman Schultz during our lunch session at Netroots Nation 2011. She came with a very spirited disposition and chaired up the crowd. Contrary to what was reported by the Huffington Post which was a complete distortion of the truth, the Netroots Nation came out today stating categorically that they are voting their Progressive values and that means supporting the President and the Democratic party. She stated that the Democratic Party will be running a grass root, face to face and online campaign on steroids. She said there will be smartphone apps to assist in targeting and there will be strong messaging. The Chairwoman reiterated why we are not only Democrats but mostly Progressive Democrats. Progressives are the ones that protect the interest of all. It ensures that the middle class remains strong and viable. All in all her reception was high spirited. There was no visible contempt for the President or the Party as intimated … [Read more...]

Netroots Nations 2011: My First Day’s Experience


My first day experience at Netroots Nation 2011 was much better than I expected. Usually when I have gone to conferences the breakout sessions tended to be boring. The breakout sessions were extremely informing, entertaining, and interactive. My only regret is that I was not unable to split myself into 5 pieces as there were 5 breakouts in each time slot I actually wanted to attend. Ultimately I prioritized and went to the ones I thought would give me the most information and teachings for engaging and assisting those in my community who may want to run for political office. Moreover there was a lot of information to give me insights on changing voters’ minds on why they should give progressive candidates their vote. After-all, it is demonstratively so that progressive values are more in line with the values of most Americans. I was able to meet both America's #1 Progressive Host & NY Times Bestselling Author Tom Hartmann and United Steelworkers Union President Leo Gerard. I also met radio host Sam … [Read more...]