Watch Women Campaign Forum(WCF) At Netroots Nation


Netroots Nation meant a lot to the Women’s Campaign Forum this year because of you. You joined hundreds of other attendees in pledging to support pro-choice women leaders in government. You cheered our endorsed-candidates at our breakfast. You celebrated your own political ambitions at our recruitment training. You shared your frustration with misogyny in the […]

My Netroots Nation Experience


I had a wonderful time at Netroots Nation 2011. It was very informative. Every Liberal and/or Progressive activist should make this a yearly conference to be attended. The breakout sessions were invaluable. Learning how to improve on engaging communities both online and offline, learning in how to get news coverage, learning how to engage minority […]

Women’s Campaign Forum President Siobhan “Sam” Bennett At Netroots Nation On Electing Women


The Women’s Campaign Forum (WCF), a nonprofit non-partisan organization focused on electing women had a breakfast that focused on women candidates for office. It presented one of the better breakouts at Netroots Nation in that it gave researched information to candidates on how to fight attacks that women from all parties usually face. Siobhan “Sam” […]

Tarryl Clark Tells Her Story About Challenging Michelle Bachman in 2010 & Encouraging Women To Run


Tarryl Clark came to Netroots Nation to tell her story about women running for political office. She ran against Michelle Bachmann. During her campaign against Bachmann she raised a credible $5 million dollars from the grass roots. Unfortunately Michelle Bachmann spent $11 million dollars and went negative from day one of the campaign. It would […]

Greenville MS Mayor Heather McTeer Challenges Powerful Mississippi District 2 Congressman Bennie Thompson


One of the most informative breakouts at Netroots Nation was the breakfast sponsored by the Women’s Campaign (WCF). There we met several women that had run or are running for national political office. One could not help but be impressed by Heather McTeer. Heather McTeer is the mayor of Greenville Mississippi. She has been the […]